The Batman

Ep 24 – The Batman Review (ft. 15 Minutes of Marvel)

The Agents of Fandom come to you this week with a breakdown of the biggest movie of 2022 so far, The Batman. We are joined by our friend and several-time guest, Ethan Simmie, host of the 15 Minutes of Marvel podcast (available wherever you get your podcasts). We love bringing Ethan on our show because not only do we generally have similar opinions, but we value Ethan’s film reviewing chops very highly as he is currently earning a Master’s degree in the field. In addition, you can catch TJ and Garrett on 15 Minute of Marvel’s The Batman Patreon episode, also featuring Thomas Carter Rochester of both the Reckless Rebellion podcast and Lights, Thunder, Action! podcast.

The Batman was a box office success, earning a global box office of $258.2 million in its first two weekends, marking a new pandemic record for Warner Bros. It was a hit with audiences as well, amassing an audience score of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, placing it firmly between the likes of Captain America: Civil War (89%) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II (87%). We all had similar takes on the movie to various degrees, with Ethan enjoying it the most and Garrett more hesitant to rank it without seeing it for a second time. The Agents discussed their favorite characters and portrayals, as well as Robert Pattinson’s take on Bruce Wayne.

Don’t forget to tune in next week as we have a special episode where we interview star of Netflix’s Raising Dion, Ja’ Siah Young. Prepare to be blown away by Mr. Young’s charisma, maturity, and knowledge of his craft. We discuss topics such as the advice he received from co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Alisha Wainwright, being a 10 year old star, which Marvel character’s he would like to play, and much more!

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