Superman & Lois

Exclusive Episode: Alex Garfin of CW’s Superman & Lois

Pumping out super hero content isn’t anything new for The CW. Ever since the dawn of the Arrowverse, various heroes have graced our screens on plethora’s of different shows. Throughout the history of the CW’s tenure into comic book television, there is perhaps no show as critically acclaimed as Superman & Lois. The series looks at the Man of Steel not only as a hero, but as a husband and father. Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch’s portrayal of Clark Kent and Lois Lane are spectacular, and the additional wrinkle of adding in two children for them is an exciting twist.

Jordan and Jonathan Kent are the son’s of Clark and Lois in the show, despite Jon being the only one who has a comic backstory. Although Jon Kent becomes Superman in the comics, the CW series sees the new face Jordan Kent develop Kryptonian abilities. Jordan is played by Alex Garfin, who sat down with the Agents of Fandom to discuss his involvement with the show.

Alex and the Agents discussed his relationship with the cast, highlighting his close-knit relationship to his on-screen brother Jordan Elsass. We also discussed teasers for the rest of season 2, his comic book required readings and potential Arrowverse crossovers. Alex Garfin was a treat to speak to, and his energy leads us to believe he has big things ahead of him in the future.

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