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Moon Knight Episode 1 Review & Breakdown – Agents of Fandom

Well, folks, it’s finally here! Moon Knight Episode 1 has arrived and your Agents of Fandom are here to break it down with guest Mo Hoosen, Editor in Chief of Streamr News. Mo is quite possibly the world’s #1 Moon Knight fan and one of a select group of people that the director of the series, Mohamed Diab, follows on Twitter. It was challenging coordinating time zones from California, Canada, and the UK, but we were determined to bring you this episode!

Agents of Fandom First Episode Thoughts

TJ, Garrett, and Mo were all lucky enough to receive press screeners for the first four episodes of Moon Knight before it aired, and as such had a few weeks to collect their thoughts. Mo spent his time creating Shakespearean poems that tease the events of each episode in different tones, while TJ used those moments to craft his personal Moon Knight theory (read on or listen to hear what it might be). Garrett revealed that he was so busy with his new marketing job that he didn’t even watch the episode after it was officially released! All 3 Agents agreed that this show is something special and cannot wait for more of the story to be revealed in the coming weeks.

A Tease Ahead

Next week the Agents of Fandom will be reviewing episode 2 of Moon Knight along with former guest and current buddy Richard Nebens of The Direct. Rich is known by colleagues in the industry as “The Machine” due to the sheer volume of articles he pumps out on a weekly basis. The Agents of Fandom are also excited to get the perspective of a Jewish man pertaining to how the show handles this aspect of the character moving forward! Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss this electric episode!

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