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Carlos has been a geek since the term was an insult. As a kid, he would come up with intricate plots to explain why his Ninjas Turtles action figures were teaming up with his X-Men to take on his army of Spawn toys. Little did Carlos realize this is where he was honing two of his lifelong passions: superheroes and telling stories. Graduating from DePaul University with a degree in Digital Cinema, Carlos focused on screenwriting before also graduating from The Second City’s writing program. Carlos is a lover of film and television, and co-hosted a podcast called “Hey, Do You Remember…?” from 2013-2021. Carlos always says that TV was his best friend growing up. He is known to wax nostalgic about the TV lineups that defined his life, TGIF, Fox Kids after school, a finely-curated suite of Saturday morning cartoons, SNICK on Saturday nights, Nicktoons on Sunday mornings, early 00s Adult Swim, and the tag team of X-Play/Attack of the Show on G4 when he was in his mid-20s. These days, Carlos is busy as a contributor to The Racial Draft Podcast, a Senior Writer for Agents of Fandom, and a father to two geeklings of his own.
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The Santa Clauses: No-Ho-Ho

Does The Santa Clauses, the latest installment in the Santa Clause franchise on Disney+, make the Nice List, or is it getting a lump of coal?
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