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‘Punisher #4’ Review: Joe Garrison Crushes As Marvel Comics’ New Punisher

The streets of the Marvel Universe will never be the same.

The punishment of Marvel’s criminal underworld continues in an all-new issue of Punisher. Bringing an end to the first arc of this series, Joe must come face to face with his first arch-nemesis and prove why he is The Punisher. Picking up after the last issue, Joe Garrison arrives at the international peace summit to stop Jigsaw, save Triple-A, and avenge his family.

Punisher #4 is an action-packed, explosive conclusion to the first arc of this new Punisher series, cementing Joe Garrison as The Punisher for a new age of Marvel. He proves that as long as people will take advantage of the innocent, punishment is never far behind.

‘Punisher #4’ Cements Garrison As Marvel’s New Punisher

Art by Dave Watcher of The Punisher taking out his enemies with a spray of bullets from Punisher #4| Agents Of Fandom
The Avengers avenge the Earth, Joe Garrison avenges all innocents. Image Credit: Dave Wachter/ Marvel Comics.

What makes Punisher #4 great, as well as the series, is the way David Pepose has been able to carve out this area for Joe to grow into the role of The Punisher. It’s a title that thrusts itself upon him instead of him seeking it out. The audience learns alongside Joe what it means to be The Punisher.

One of the biggest strengths of both the book and David Pepose’s writing is his ability to craft unique and engaging action sequences that pull in the reader. Everything and anything is a weapon in the hands of Joe Garrison, creating not just a typical shoot-em-up, punch-em book. The action is smart and calculated, producing some entertaining and creative fight sequences. 

Considering some of Pepose’s previous work, such as Savage Avengers and Moon Knight: City Of The Dead, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Punisher is Pepose at his best, taking everything he’s learned from his previous titles to hone in his unique style in a book that is pure Punisher and pure Pepose.

Dave Wachter’s Art Brings The Punisher to Life

Art by Dave Watcher of Punisher and Jigsaw engaged in battle with Punisher getting stabbed in Punisher #4 | Agents Of Fandom
Will the Punisher be able to solve Jigsaw’s Puzzle? Image Credit: Dave Wachter/ Marvel Comics.

Dave Wachter‘s art is again fantastic. Wachter gives Garrison a demanding presence in every panel, being portrayed as a force of nature compared to his foes. The way Wachter translates the action sequences from Pepose’s script into something so visually fun and engaging is masterful work.

There is never a moment in the flurry of fists and bullets where the scene loses focus or disorients the reader. Punisher #4 is smooth and precise, following the natural flow of the panels; it feels like the action is jumping off the page. Wachter’s art perfectly harmonizes with Pepose’s script, conveying the layers of Joe’s rage, perseverance, and unwavering ability to complete his mission at all costs.

Along with Wachter’s excellent line work are colors by Dan Brown that give the book life. Brown uses his color pallet to its full potential, with dark blacks and blues to set the scene and bold reds that stand out from the backdrop. Brown’s work highlights the details and nuances of Wachter’s art and ties all of these great elements together. 

‘Punisher #4’ Review: The Mission Never Ends

Art by Dave Watcher of Joe Garrison jumping at the reader proclaiming himself as The Punisher in Punisher #4 | Agents Of Fandom
The man may be different, but the mission remains the same. Image Credit: Dace Wachter/ Marvel Comics.

Punisher #4 is an explosive conclusion to Joe Garrison’s first arc as The Punisher that solidifies him into the Marvel mythos. This series has been awesome and one of the best introductions to a new character since Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel.

Pepose handles the passing of the mantle in this series beautifully by focusing not just on the person taking on the role but also on the deeper meanings of the Punisher title and the weight it carries. This may be the end of the first arc, but it’s only the beginning for Joe Garrison as Pepose and the creative team for this series have firmly cemented his place in the Marvel Universe. Joe Garrison is here, and the punishment of the Marvel Universe is just getting started.

Be sure to grab Punisher #4 in stores now!

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'Punisher #4' Review

'Punisher #4' Review
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5.0 rating
Total Score

The Good

  • Dynamic and engaging story telling cements Joe Garrison in his role as The Punisher.
  • Action is smart and unique which makes the book exciting with each page turn.
  • Art makes the action jump off the page and perfectly compliments the story.

The Bad

  • There isn't another issue that I can read immediately.
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