Richard Nebens

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Hello, Agents of Fandom fans! My name is Richard Nebens, sometimes known as "The Machine." After graduating from music school in 2013 and bouncing around jobs, I found my passion for writing about movies and TV, joining MCU Exchange as a hobby in 2019 before making turning my passion into a career. I wrote and hosted podcasts for The Illuminerdi from March 2020 until January 2022, and since March 2020, I have worked as a writer, editor, and content creator for The Direct, where I currently work full-time along with AoF. Boasting an expertise in the MCU, DC, and Star Wars, I cover just about everything there is to cover across media, expanding to new projects at every opportunity. I'm also an avid sports fan, a bit of a gamer, and I love doing impressions and making people laugh any chance I get. After being an honorary AoF team member for a long time, I'm thrilled to officially join the team and help the site grow!