Ryan Cortero

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Social media guru, senior writer, and working towards editor. I'm a Filipino born and raised in the city where 'The Boys' is filmed. I'm passionate for all types of movies and shows, especially reality TV, superhero content, and indie dramas. Since the pandemic, I've started working my way through the world of anime, but I've always been a fan of DBZ and Pokémon. I love talking about pop culture to anyone willing and interested (almost to an annoying level). If someone brings up a movie or show as small talk, I can give a whole monologue behind it. Same can be said if the topic is on the Disney Parks. Currently visited 4 out of the 6 international Disney resorts, with Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea being my personal favourite. I graduated from Carleton University with a postbaccalaureate in Film Studies. Even though it was a tough process going back to school post-pandemic, I encourage those who have the means to pursue your passions to do so. You don't want to regret that decision when it's too late.