Comic Book Pull of the Week: ‘Poison Ivy #13’ Review

G. Willow Wilson’s Ivy solo continues to show why it is a monthly must-grab

One of DC Comics‘ standouts returns to the Pull of the Week list as G. Willow Wilson’s Poison Ivy #13 hit shelves. Following the initial announcement of the six issue series, high praise from fans and critics earned a 12 issue extension, with more success earning Poison Ivy an ongoing run.

The first issue shows Ivy initially attempting to slowly take over the world with the control of a viral fungus after losing her ability to tap into the green. However, it eventually morphs into a deep dive of the character’s psyche and trauma, allowing her to overcome the scientists and monsters who claim to have made her. Issue 13 is the first step forward in an ongoing run, bringing up storylines of issues past and setting forth the plot or moving the plot forward.

Poison Ivy #13 recap

Swimsuit cover of Poison Ivy #13 | Agents of Fandom
Poison Ivy #13 swimsuit variant. Image Credit: Sweeney Boo.

The issue begins when Ivy wakes up in a bed in Gotham alongside Harley. Ivy goes out to do some daily errands but runs into Catwoman. Selina warns Pam that the Bat-Family is searching for her, because of the events she caused in Fear State.

Eventually, Ivy runs into Batman and the pair exchange warnings. Batman says that he will keep a close eye on Ivy and Harley and Pamela responds by telling him to stay out of her way. After a brief action sequence between the two, Ivy runs off looking for hidden shelter.

Ivy drives off deep into the woods outside Gotham, into Slaughter Swamp. There she finds a seemingly abandoned cabin, that is until Killer Croc arrives to his abode to find Pam standing in his doorway. Ivy wants the cabin to hide from the Bat-Family, but Killer Croc needs it because the sewers are inhabitable due to Ivy’s actions in the 2021 Fear State event. The two then strike a deal.

Gotham is building apartment skyscrapers that will seemingly cost too much money for anyone to actually live in—even Gotham gets hit with gentrification. Ivy shows up to the new apartment buildings, looking for a way to take it down. But when she arrives it appears someone—or something—got there first, and one of the construction workers dies with a flower growing out of his face.

Is Poison Ivy #13 worth picking up?

Preview page of Poison Ivy #13 | Agents of Fandom
Preview page of Poison Ivy #13. Image Credit: Marcio Takara.

Poison Ivy #13 continues the fantastic storytelling G. Willow Wilson has set forth from the beginning. The issue now addresses some of the leftover storylines from Fear State; when Ivy became incredibly powerful but ultimately lost her connection to the green.

The real standout in this issue is the art. Marcio Takara has now defined Pam’s look and style in the modern era. But this issue features more than just Takara’s art. During the scene with Catwoman (pages 2-4), Guillem March takes over. March, who has done art with Selina before, shines on these pages with Catwoman’s signature look.

On pages 5-11, longtime DC Comics artist Kelley Jones takes over the Batman section. Jones creates a classic vibe with sharper, more angular, character designs and even highlights the vintage blue hues, not blacks, in Batman’s suit. With Arif Prianto’s vintage colors, Ivy’s hair becomes a bold red and the shadows grow darker in contrast.

During the Killer Croc section, A.L. Caplan takes over the art and colors giving the panels a much more modern—yet sepia toned style. All these artists collaborate in such a fantastic way, giving each section its own unique vibe that is appropriate towards the scene.

Poison Ivy—A monthly must grab

It’s easy to come back to this book month in and month out and put in a recommendation for it. This G. Willow Wilson Poison Ivy series is the story that many have been asking for, for years. It engulfs everything about the modern iteration of Pam and her relationship with Harley.

It is wonderful to see this version of Ivy both on the screen with the Harley Quinn Animated Series, and on the page with this title. The first volume’s hard cover trade is now available, so make sure you go pick it up at your local comic shop!

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Poison Ivy #13

Writer: G. Willow Wilson

Artists: Marcio Takara, Guillem March, Kelley Jones, A.L. Kaplan

Colors: Arif Prianto, Jose Villarrubia, A.L. Kaplan

Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Cover: Jessica Fong

'Poison Ivy #13' Review

'Poison Ivy #13' Review
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