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‘X-Men ’97’s Beast Voice Actor On Reviving the Series and Joining the MCU

The voice of Beast in ‘X-Men ’97’ sings the praises of the upcoming series.

The highly acclaimed X-Men animated series is back with the all-new X-Men ’97, bringing back everyone’s favorite mutants as they navigate their extraordinary abilities in a world that both hates and fears them. After almost 30 years away, the X-Men return to face new and terrible threats for an all-new generation.

It’s been nearly 30 years since the original series ended, and the new series will pick up where the original left off, with much of the original cast returning to their roles. One of those is George Buza, who voiced the fan-favorite Hank McCoy/Beast. Beast is a scientist and mutant with a terrifying appearance representing some of humanity’s best qualities. 

Buza met Agents of Fandom at Toronto Comicon presented by FanExpo Canada to discuss the new X-Men ’97 series coming to Disney+.

Beast Voice Actor in ‘X-Men ’97’ Reveals His Excitement for the Series Return

Cyclops, Jubilee, Wolverine, and George Buza as Beast in X-Men 97 | Agents of Fandom
George Buza, voice actor for Beast in X-Men ’97, shares why the X-Men are more relevant than ever. Image Credit: Marvel Studios.

After nearly 30 years, the original X-Men are back, with most of the original cast from the 90’s X-Men animated series returning. Buza reveals his initial reaction to hearing the news that Disney was bringing the show back and his excitement for this new installment:

TJ Pistilli: It’s been 27 years since the original series, so I gotta ask: What’s it like stepping back into the booth, in the same studio, to do Beast again after all this time, and what was your initial reaction when you heard they were bringing it back?

George Buza: I was ecstatic. To say I was euphoric is an understatement. It’s one of the greatest gifts I could ever imagine. To be able to revisit something that meant so much when we were doing it, to come back, and to have another go at it almost 30 years later, it’s fabulous.

George Buza Talks X-Men Comics and Modern Parallels

Members of the X-Men in sports wear getting ready to play basketball from X-Men 97 | Agents Of Fandom
Even super-powered mutants enjoy some downtime. Image Credit: Marvel Studios.

The X-Men have always been a metaphor for social issues in the comics and the original animated series. Buza discusses how some of these issues are even more relevant today and why the X-Men are still important after all this time:

TJ Pistilli: Beast is one of my favorites because he’s a perfect example of a mutant who can’t hide their powers and looks terrifying but exemplifies some of the best aspects of humanity. The classic “don’t judge a book by its cover.” The X-Men have always touched on important social issues and some seem more relevant now than ever. In your opinion, what do the X-Men mean to you, and why this show is still relevant after all this time?

George Buza: I think all you have to do is pick up a newspaper or watch the news. I think we’re in worse shape than we were 30 years ago. There’s more intolerance, hate, violence, and war. People can’t get along, and there’s so much hate against everybody else. This is why the X-Men are even more relevant today than they were 30 years ago.

Beast Voice Actor Talks About Potentially Joining the MCU

Beast looking sharp for a new era of Marvel. Image Credit: Marvel Studios.

Animation isn’t the only place the X-Men are making a comeback. Multiple characters from the X-Men franchise have already been confirmed to appear in the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine, and just recently, Beast made his big-screen debut in the MCU, with Kelsey Grammer reprising his role from X-Men: The Last Stand for a cameo in The Marvels.

George Buza not only voiced Beast in X-Men: The Animated Series but also had a small cameo in Bryan Singer‘s original X-Men film. With the mutants seemingly everywhere, Buza spoke on whether he would be open to an MCU cameo:

TJ Pistilli: I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but Beast just made his big screen return in The Marvels. Now, you had a cameo in the original X-Men. If Kevin Feige or the guys from the MCU approached you, would you be open to doing something X-related in the live-action MCU? 

George Buza: For one thing, nobody has asked. As long as it wasn’t anything severally action-driven cause, those days are gone. But yeah, I would be open to any little cameo. But I’m happy doing voice acting right now and have no illusions of going out and sitting in front of a movie camera for 16 hours a day anymore.

Beast Actor on What Fans Can Expect From the Upcoming Marvel Animation Series, ‘X-Men ’97′

The X-Men huddle together and prepare for an unknown threat from X-Men 97 | Agents Of Fandom
Trouble will always come looking for the X-Men. Image Credit: Marvel Studios.

Buza also discussed the new X-Men ’97 series and what fans can expect from its return:

TJ Pistilli: I know your favorite episode from the original series was “Beauty and the Beast.” Is there anything you have done in this new series that maybe comes close, or is there anything you can tell us about the new series?

George Buza: All I can say is you have to be patient, and you won’t be disappointed. The series looks great, the writing is spectacular, and the animation is stupendous. So what more can you ask for?

The X-Men have always been one of Marvel’s most popular properties. Seeing the passion and love both the cast and fans have for this show, and these characters make their return anything but surprising. If people feel different or don’t belong, they can always find a place with the X-Men, making them the perfect team for any era.

Toronto Comicon, presented by FAN EXPO Canada, returns on March 15-17, 2024, with a stellar line-up of celebrity guests who are out of this world! Catch George Buza on the X-Men voice actor panel at 2:45 pm on Friday, March 15, along with fellow voice actors: Cal Dodd (Wolverine), Catherine Disher (Jean Gray/Phoenix Force), Lenore Zann (Rogue), Alyson Court (Jubilee), Adrian Hough (Nightcrawler), Chris Britton (Mr. Sinister), and Larry Houston (Producer/Director of the original X-Men Animated Series) to talk all about X-Men: The Animated Series and the upcoming X-Men ’97.

Check out the full interview with George Buza below, and follow the Agents of Fandom for X-Men ’97 coverage and all entertainment news and reviews.

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