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‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2, Episode 2 Recap & Review: Lex Luthor Arrives

Clark Kent and Lois Lane struggle to get on the same page.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 2, “Adventures With My Girlfriend.”

The second half of the two-episode My Adventures With Superman premiere keeps the momentum going with another great installment to the series. While the first episode focuses primarily on Superman’s (Jack Quaid) origin and his relationship with Lois Lane (Alice Lee), My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 2 also highlights the series’ villains.

In a tightly packed run-time of under 25 minutes, the episode provides additional backstory for Amanda Waller (Debra Wilson) and Lex Luthor (Max Mittelman) while introducing brand-new foes. It’s fast-paced from start to finish and makes for an exciting launching point for the rest of the season.

The relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane typically acts as a comfort blanket no matter how dire the situation is. However, as they constantly fumble over each other, they struggle to get the upper hand. The stakes feel higher than ever, and the execution is flawless. Check out all the details from our My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 2 recap.

Villains Run Wild in ‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2, Episode 2

Lex Luthor and Amanda Waller meet for the first time in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 2 | Agents of Fandom
Alex Luthor takes his fate into his own hands, introducing himself to Amanda Waller as “Lex Luthor” for the first time. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

The second episode begins by introducing Amanda Waller’s daily routine. She wakes up in the polar opposite fashion we saw from Clark Kent in the first episode of the season, on time and organized, as opposed to late and disheveled. Her first task is to get information from her former boss and current captive, General Lane (Joel De La Fuente). Her efforts prove fruitless, but Amanda Waller always has another card up her sleeve.

Meanwhile, Clark struggles with how to tell Lois about the news that he has a cousin, likely floating somewhere in space. Just before he gets the chance, he’s interrupted by a young boy named Billy, whose father is missing. In typical Superman fashion, he immediately sets his problems aside and agrees to help Billy rescue his dad. Clark and Lois take off to the prison where he works, missing a crucial member of their investigative squad.

Fresh off inspiring Alex Luthor to follow his dreams, the now-millionaire Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid) struggles to run his new Flamebird Video Department for the Daily Planet. While the group is hardly top-level talent, Jimmy decides the best course of action is to take the entire team of interns to the prison with Clark and Lois since he’s stuck babysitting them regardless. However, the prison winds up being the home of Amanda Waller and her Task Force X, with many new dangers along their path in My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 2.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane Have Their First Relationship Troubles

Lois Lane and Clark Kent standing beside each other talking in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 2 | Agents of Fandom
Lois and Clark argue over who has the better plan to rescue General Lane from Amanda Waller. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

Lois and Clark continue their communication struggles directly into their prison break attempt. Despite being unable to agree on a plan, they finally enter the building, where the classic banter between the two returns. They stumble upon an elevator shaft hidden in the prison, with no bottom in sight. Confident Superman will catch her, Lois dives into the shaft, where Clark descends to catch her before she reaches the bottom. Unfortunately, when they reach the floor, they spot Deathstroke (Chris Parnell) and are forced to hide.

They sneak around the prison, realizing this is now more than a routine mission to save Billy’s father. They split up to search the building, where Lois finds her father, and Superman seeks out the technology he needs to locate his cousin. However, when the two reconvene to rescue General Lane, he reveals he doesn’t want them there and claims he has everything under control. To make matters worse, they are confronted by Waller, Deathstroke, and a new foe with a flaming skull going by Agent Martin, the comic book villain Atomic Skull, also voiced by Mittelman in My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 2.

A chase ensues, where important story information combines with action sequences at an incredibly fast pace. Amanda Waller is revealed to have orchestrated General Lane’s downfall last season, having sabotaged each of his missions. The team arrives in a new section of the prison, where they find Billy’s father and multiple inmates who Waller has experimented on, most of whom only had minor charges and couldn’t afford bail.

‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2, Episode 2 Reveals Menacing New Threats

Lois Lane and Superman stare down a corridor as someone runs towards them | Agents of Fandom
Superman and Lois Lane try to free General Lane from prison, but he takes matters into his own hands. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

After a lengthy battle, General Lane, Lois, and Superman escape with the prisoners on a boat supplied by Jimmy and his interns, who arrive at the scene just in the knick of time. Once everyone is safe, Clark and Lois finally have a chance to discuss Clark wanting to find Kara. Lois objects to the idea and suggests they talk about it at a later date. However, Clark is clearly determined to rescue his cousin.

General Lane decides he must lie low now that he has escaped, but his daughter has plans of her own. Lois proposes that General Lane move in with Clark and Jimmy since no one would expect him to be there. They all reluctantly agree, potentially making this Clark’s toughest challenge yet.

To make matters worse, Amanda Waller is attacked by an enhanced inmate back at the prison. However, she is saved by a mysterious figure using technology, who is revealed to be Alex Luthor. He quotes the words from Jimmy about seizing his destiny from the last episode and introduces himself to Amanda as Lex Luthor for the first time, creating a dangerous new partnership with the head of Task Force X.

My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 2 is equally entertaining as the first installment. The two-episode premiere is an incredibly strong start to the second season, being entertaining on its own while setting up an incredibly exciting future.

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'My Adventures With Superman' Season 2 Episode 2 "Adventures With My Girlfriend" Review

'My Adventures With Superman' Season 2 Episode 2 "Adventures With My Girlfriend" Review
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The Good

  • Clark and Lois are forced to undergo serious difference of philosophy for the first time.
  • Exciting villains teased for the future of the series.
  • Shocking twists and turns mixed with action sequences make for a fast-paced masterpiece.
  • Season 2 continues the trend of incredibly strong animation.

The Bad

  • Is Jimmy Olsen partially to blame for Lex Luthor becoming a super villain?
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