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‘Tales of the Empire’ Episode 5 Recap & Review: Barriss Offee Saves the Day

Will Barriss continue her path down the Dark Side?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: Tales of the Empire Episode 5.

After training with the Grand Inquisitor (Jason Isaacs) and embracing her inner Dark Side, Barriss Offee (Meredith Salenger) is now a full-fledged inquisitor. She departs on the search for Jedi with the Fourth Sister (Rya Kihlstedt) but hasn’t fully committed to the cause.

Barriss immediately questions the Empire’s methods upon their arrival on the new planet. The entire reason she embraced this new path was her distrust of the Jedi Order. However, the former Jedi quickly realizes that she may not have selected the better alternative. Barriss Offee’s inner battle rages, and our Star Wars: Tales of the Empire Episode 5 recap breaks it all down.

Barriss Offee Continues To Question Authority in ‘Tales of the Empire’ Episode 5

Barriss Offee stands alongside the other inquisitors in Tales of the Empire Episode 4 | Agents of Fandom
It’s unclear whether or not Barriss was aware of her Master’s identity. Image Credit: LucasFilm/Disney+.

The Fourth Sister and Barriss scour the planet for information and wind up in a local tavern. They unintentionally play a good cop, bad cop routine as the Fourth Sister terrorizes the residents, and Offee offers her support. While they are unable to learn anything from the adults, Barriss gathers the location of a Jedi hiding in the mountains from a small child.

Although Barriss thinks their job in the tavern is finished, the Fourth Sister slays the citizens for their lies, only sparing the child who told the truth. The former Jedi is distraught by the Fourth Sister’s actions but isn’t quite ready to revolt. They make their way to the mountains to find the Jedi, where Barriss hopes they’ll be taking them in for questioning.

One Jedi Remains in ‘Tales of the Empire’ Episode 5

Barriss Offee fights in a lightsaber duel against a Jedi who survived Order 66 in Tales of the Empire Episode 5 | Agents of Fandom
Barriss Offee tries to convince an unnamed Jedi to surrender to the Empire. Image Credit: LucasFilm/Disney+.

Once they figure out the location, the two inquisitors can easily track down their target, and the Jedi (Ry Chase) is revealed. The Fourth Sister is the first to engage, and a lightsaber duel ensues. The Jedi is too much for the inquisitor, forcing Barriss to step in to save her “sister’s” life.

While Barriss is convinced she can bring this Jedi in quietly, they refuse her surrender request and view her as nothing more than a hypocrite. However, after she removes her mask, Barriss is able to talk them down and persuade them to wave the white flag. Unfortunately, the Fourth Sister regains consciousness and stabs the Jedi from behind before Barriss can stop her.

This is the last straw for Offee, as she decides to reclaim her Jedi roots and go toe-to-toe with the Fourth Sister. The two have a fearsome battle before Barriss Force pushes her opponent off the edge of a cliff and comes away victorious in Tales of the Empire Episode 5.

Barriss Offee Return to Her Roots in ‘Tales of the Empire’ Episode 5 “Realization”

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Tales of the Empire was a bit misleading in Barriss Offee’s case. Image Credit: LucasFilm/Disney+.

Although many believed Barriss Offee could become a featured villain in future Star Wars projects, Tales of the Empire Episode 5 brings her back to the Light. She is able to save the Jedi and begin a new path as far away as she can be from the Empire. Much like her former friend Ahsoka Tano, Barriss is poised to reinvent what it means to be a Jedi.

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'Star Wars: Tales of the Empire' Episode 5 "Realization" Review

'Star Wars: Tales of the Empire' Episode 5 "Realization" Review
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The Good

  • Barriss Offee's story works as a mirror to Ahsoka Tano's, both feeling let down by the Jedi and forced to find their own path.
  • Barriss' transition from Dark to Light is believable and well established in a short time frame.
  • Strong insight into the minds of Inquisitors, similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi or Star Wars Rebels.
  • Thrilling pace from start to finish.

The Bad

  • Unnamed Jedi would've been more exciting as a known character; it's tough to care about someone that doesn't get a name.
  • An anti-climactic end to the fight with the Fourth Sister.
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