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3 Wishes for Star Wars’ Newest Project ‘New Jedi Order’

A wishlist of the ‘New Jedi Order’ era!

Star Wars Celebration revealed a plethora of new projects for the Star Wars universe, expanding the franchise far beyond the Skywalker Saga. A shock for many was saved for the end, as Kathleen Kennedy announced the first project set after the events of Rise of Skywalker. This project will take place in a new era called The New Jedi Order, set officially after the Rise of the First Order.

Leading the new feature film is Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, known for producing projects like Saving Face, A Girl in the River, and Sitara. Fans of the sequels can rejoice as Daisy Ridley is also making a return to Star Wars, teaching the new Jedi order as Rey Skywalker.

With all the excitement built up for this project, here are three things I hope to see in this newly announced film!

Acknowledging Finn’s Jedi journey

Concept art of Finn as a Jedi, hoping to be realized in New Jedi Order | Agents of Fandom
Concept art of Finn as a Jedi. Image Credit: Andres Bellorin.

Unfortunately, the sequel trilogy received many criticisms. One of which, is the lack of story Finn ends up receiving on the silver screen. Fans are teased with the former Storm Trooper having force abilities, and he even wields a lightsaber in the trilogy—yet in the end nothing really comes of it.

In the Lego Star Wars: Holiday Special, we see moments of Rey training Finn to be a Jedi. Officially, Finn would be the first new Jedi to be trained by Rey—if they were to use that story for inspiration. While the Lego projects are not considered canon, it did offer us the only look of what fans had been asking for in regard to Finn’s development.

Sadly, John Boyega has assured time and again that he is not interested in returning to the role due to a mix of frustration with the character and being on the receiving end of horrible abuse from individuals in the fanbase.

As Rey would be a Jedi Master creating a new Jedi academy in this new era, it would be nice for the team to at least acknowledge Finn being the first to undergo training with Rey— officially, canonically, giving the character what he deserves. Bring us Jedi Finn.

Grogu Undergoing Jedi Training

Grogu beginning his Jedi training in The Book of Boba Fett | Agents of Fandom
Grogu beginning his Jedi training in The Book of Boba Fett. Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+.

Everyone’s favorite “Baby Yoda” is certain to get as much screen time as possible. Yes, we have already seen Grogu begin his Jedi training with Luke in The Book of Boba Fett. And yes, we see Grogu make the decision to abandon training and instead choose to follow “The Way” with his father, Din Djarin.

But for me, I don’t see Grogu’s story ending just there—what more can be done to continue the growth of the foundling? During the time period of this project, Grogu would be over 100 years old, roughly nine or 10 years old for his species in reference to humans.

This is the perfect time for Grogu to learn how to be the Mandalorian who is also a Jedi. Would the Darksaber be a bit too big for the little guy? Sure. Would it still be adorable, and a beautiful homage to the first Mandalorian who wielded it? Of course. And who better to teach him to honor the ways of found family while accepting their past than the Jedi whose entire story is about found family? Rey Skywalker.

What is the vision of the New Jedi Order?

The Jedi Order sitting on their comfy chairs in the prequels, will it change in the new jedi order? | Agents of Fandom
The Jedi Order sitting on their comfy chairs in the prequels. Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

The Jedi Order has seen its rise, fall, and broader realizations. One of the many themes of its fall is its inner hubris and hypocrisy. Though it stood for good, it got in its own way time and time again all over the Star Wars timeline. It happened in the High Republic, we see it happen during the rise of the Empire; many Jedi even come to that conclusion towards the end of their journeys.

But that doesn’t mean the New Jedi Order has to have the same fate. One of the most fascinating aspects of this project will be how they change the manner of The Order. Hopefully they fully expound upon what didn’t work, why it failed, and how Rey and her new pupils can take its concepts and simply improve them.

Ahsoka Tano’s most famous line in Rebels is “I am no Jedi.” She is many fan’s favorite character for that reason—she sees the flaws in the Jedi Order. I believe Rey does too, and we could possibly see Rey and Ahsoka (as a force ghost) go hash out what the New Order stands for.

In the New Jedi Order, the possibilities are endless

One of the best aspects of fandom is when we can theorize and get excited about the unknown. What made the sequel trilogies so exciting when they were announced, was the vast unknown of where it could go. Unlike projects that are set within a certain period of the Skywalker Saga, we do not know how things here will end!

There may be a sour taste in the mouths of some for the sequel trilogy, but the positive response to Daisy Ridley’s return shows that fans are eager for more of her story.

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