Mark Piselli

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Mark joined Agents of Fandom in March of 2023 and enjoys covering movies, TV and occasionally sports for the site. His all-time favorite movie is 'Top Gun,' which he can basically quote line by line at this point. Mark was originally drawn to Agents of Fandom through pre-existing relationships with some of the organization's founders, whom he had connected with via Twitter. A proud 90's kid, Mark grew up on Power Rangers, Digimon, X-Men, Spider-Man and pretty much anything else that ever aired on 'Fox Kids.' His pop culture references mostly date back to that time period as well (who else would be referencing Jesse & The Rippers all these years later?) Mark is an avid sports fan, but it's Hockey that holds a truly special place in his heart. He even coaches youth teams in his spare time, winning a Massachusetts State Championship in 2023. Each Spring, his beloved Boston Bruins find a new and painful way to torture him. You can find him on Twitter at @MarkPiselli13!