Comic Book Pull of the Week: ‘Nightwing #105’

Be Nightwing for a day in this beautiful first-person comic.

The best superhero comic on the shelf is back, this time through a whole new lense. Nightwing #105 from Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo continues the trend of creative experimentation, with an entire issue presented from a first-person perspective.

This fits perfectly as the previous arc focuses on a Titans level of story by balancing out moments of each member of the team. With a return to a Dick Grayson story, it’s fitting that we are getting a POV of his daily superhero activities.

A day in Nightwing’s eyes

Taylor and Redondo are no strangers to playing with new formats and styles for their hit Nightwing comic. In 2022, issue 87 was Eisner nominated for Best Single Issue/One Shot—thanks to its wonderful art using the De Luca effect throughout the entire issue!

In Nightwing #105, Redondo shines by drawing the entire issue through Dick’s eyes. Some may call it a gimmick, but it’s nice that every year or so this team tries something new to keep readers on their toes.

Nightwing and Batgirl soar through Blüdhaven in Nightwing #105 | Agents of Fandom
Nightwing and Batgirl soar through Blüdhaven. Image Credit: Bruno Redondo & Adriano Lucas.

The story begins with Dick and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) in pursuit of Double Dare, an acrobatic duo comprising siblings Aliki and Margot Marceau. Their objective is to apprehend the duo, who are in possession of a dangerous biological weapon. During their pursuit, Nightwing and Batgirl locate Aliki aboard a subway train. They discover that Margot has been captured by a gang of thugs who are also chasing them.

It turns out, Double Dare were hired by the nation of Vlatava to take a vaccine made by Shel Pharma designed to cure a mosquito-born illness spreading around the country. Vlatava is unable to buy the vaccine due to Shel Pharma out-pricing the ill-stricken nation. As a twist, Aliki finds the vaccine and injects it into herself, as the country tells her they can extract it if she returns to them.

The three agree on a plan for Barbara to swap places with Aliki since the two share similar red hair and facial features, with Batgirl donning Aliki’s costume. Suddenly, a missile strikes their train and Shel Pharma’s thugs take Barbara into custody, confusing her for Aliki.

After a chase, Nightwing and Aliki catch up to Barbara (who escapes her capture) in the midst of freeing Margot. As Margot’s rescue cools off, Shel Pharma’s PA system calls Nightwing into the head office to speak to their CEO. It’s at this point the issue reveals its twist, as the CEO is actually Lyle Shelton—aka Heartless. Heartless has been this comic run’s mainstay villain so far, but Dick doesn’t know that Lyle is actually Heartless.

The two have a history, however, as Lyle is a bully from Dick’s childhood. After exchanging words and awkward pleasantries—alluding to a potential legal battle from the events that had unfolded throughout the issue—Nightwing leaves the office. He then catches up with Barbara who mentions that Double Dare got away unharmed, and the two go on with their evening.

Nightwing #105 Review: A showcase of Bruno Redondo & Adriano Lucas

Tom Taylor’s story is very streamlined and fairly simple. It’s a chase and a rescue that goes well, but adds to Nightwing and Heartless’ ongoing tension. Where this issue truly breaks through is from the work of Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas.

The pair have been around since this run’s first issue (issue 78) and continue to show why they are on another level. Redondo’s character designs and facial expressions are perfect. The panels flow beautifully with action and emotion.

Lucas’ color-work throughout this run has been drop-dead gorgeous as well. Whether it’s the fading aura of the sun gleaming through Blüdhaven, the clash of yellow and purple on Batgirl’s suit, or emphasizing Nightwing’s black and blue suit against the day-lit sky, Adriano Lucas’ colors bring incredible life and vibrancy into this world.

Is Nightwing #105 worth picking up?

Dick Grayson dawns his mask before taking his leap in Nightwing #105 | Agents of Fandom
Dick Grayson dawns his mask before taking his leap. Image Credit: Bruno Redondo & Adriano Lucas.

While the plot is straightforward, it’s nice coming back to a Dick Grayson-centric story after the Titans-focused arc from the previous few issues. This issue creates another level of unease with Heartless, and grounds Nightwing back into his usual matters.

That being said, this issue is worth picking up for the art alone. Redondo and Lucas provide this run with another opportunity at an Eisner Award with their perfect execution of a first-person comic. There’s nothing better than seeing this in physical form—holding it in your own hands. Once again, this team shows why Nightwing is the best superhero book on the shelves.

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Nightwing #105

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Bruno Redondo

Colors: Adriano Lucas

Letters: West Abbott

'Nightwing #105' Review

'Nightwing #105' Review
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4.2 rating
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