Aisha Shabeese

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It's me, hi! I'm Aisha! I'm a Toronto-based writer who's a massive fanatic for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a Captain Marvel admirer, a film buff, and a fellow Swiftie. I’m currently majoring in Journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University in hopes to become a strong sports and entertainment journalist. Expressing my excitement and passion for all things entertainment has always brought me so much joy in my life. My favourite films of all time include Captain America: The Winter Soldier, La La Land, and Knives Out, and my favourite shows are New Girl and Gossip Girl (the one with Blake Lively, duh). I’m super driven to explore new adventures, opportunities, and striving to grow into a better person every day, even if the anxiety kicks in. Otherwise, you’ll most likely find me somewhere talking (fangirling) about Chris Evans or cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs!