Comic Book Review: Best New Books for the Week of February 22

Black Cloak, Strange Academy and Superman soar in this week’s comic reviews.

This week on our comic book review, we are mixing up the format. Since there are so many great books to cover, we are doing a rapid fire review to highlight some of the best books on the shelf this week from Marvel, DC and the indies.

Black Cloak #2

After a large and thrilling first issue, the second issue of Black Cloak is a nice simmer of action . We learn more of Phaedra’s secrets, like being half dracona, and delve deeper into her relationship with the late Prince Freyal. 

Meredith McClaren’s art continues to stand out as an incredibly unique approach to a fantasy world. A full page spread of interrogations gone wrong provides some good humor, as well as a new lead on who killed the beloved Prince. The intrigue of the overall plot still lingers, and I can’t wait for more. 

Comic review 8/10. A simmer in action highlights the rise of intrigue int his murder mystery. | Agents of Fandom
Image Credit: Meredith McClaren.

Nightwing #101

Fresh off the heels of the Titans being forged as the new lead super team, Nightwing #101 from Tom Taylor and Travis Moore serves as a good gateway into what is to come. Beast Boy, Raven and Grayson share some nice moments as they come together to protect Blockbusters child — a story continuation from Nightwing #98

The story plays out like a classic Titans mission gone wrong. It may be a bit goofy, as Dick literally gets smacked upside the back of the head, but it is still fun. The backup issue from C.S. Pacat and Eduardo Pansica also provide a neat continuation of a story between Dick and Jon Kent from Nightwing’s annual issue. 

Comic book review of 'Nightwing #101'. The Titans shine but Nightwing should probably start wearing a helmet. | Agents of Fandom
Image Credit: Jamal Campbell.

Strange Academy: Finals #4

It’s impossible to not love every issue of this series. Strange Academy: Finals #4 is no different from the issues that preceded it. Skottie Young’s writing and Humberto Ramos’ art go as well together as the finest wine and cheese. 

The weight of every decision is felt on each page. When characters realize and correct a past mistake or double down on evil doings, it is hard not to feel an emotional connection. Skottie’s writing makes this magical world feel extraordinarily grounded with these very relatable characters. This series is truly something special, and I’m soaking in every last drop. 

Comic review of 'Strange Academy: Finals #4'. Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos pair likes the finest of wine and cheese. This run is an all-timer. 10/10 | Agents of Fandom
Image Credit: Humberto Ramos.

Superman #1

This is a surprise pick for myself, as I do not read many Superman titled books. However, Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell have outdone themselves with Superman #1. Campbell’s unique style of Superman’s cape swirling around Metropolis is simply perfect. We see Clark in a fascinating spot with Lex Luthor, setting up the future of Superman in a near “Fortress of Anti-Solitude.”

The little moments between Clark and his parents, as well as Lois Lane, make Superman feel relatable. Much like the symbol on his chest, this new run is a beacon of hope for Superman stories to come. Mark this one as being added straight to the pull list. 

Comic book review of 'Superman #1'. This new run from Williamson and Campbell is a beacon of hope for Superman stories to come. | Agents of Fandom
Image Credit: Jamal Campbell.

Check out these issues and more at your local comic shop, and let us know your favorite comics on our socials!

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