Netflix’s Live Action ‘Something is Killing the Children’ Taps New Creative Duo

‘Dark’ team set to take on live action adaptation of BOOM! Studios’ biggest hit for Netflix.

The live action adaptation of BOOM! Studios’ hit comic Something is Killing the Children at Netflix has found its creative duo. Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, co-creators of Dark, continue their Netflix partnership by taking the reins on this iconic series. 

Something Is Killing the Children is a horror action series, written by James Tynion IV, with art from Werther Dell’Edera. The comic follows Erica Slaughter, a mysterious monster hunter, who travels from town to town dealing with cases of monster outbreaks attacking children. 

Cover of Something is Killing the Children volume one. Image credit: Werther Dell'Edera | Agents of Fandom
Erica Slaughter is no slouch. Image Credit: Werther Dell’Edera.

The series has sold over two million copies and expanded its world with a spin-off, called House of Slaughter

News came out in October that Mike Flanagan, who was initially tasked with handling the live action adaptation, left the project due to creative differences. 

“With that one (Something is Killing the Children), we were a good ways through our process, but Netflix decided to kind of go in a different direction with that property.”

Mike Flanagan – The Wrap

How far can Netflix take Something is Killing the Children?

This is certainly not Netflix’s first time dealing with monsters or adaptations of comic books. What makes Something is Killing the Children unique to something like The Umbrella Academy, is that the world Tynion IV and Dell’Edera create is wonderfully expansive. 

House of Slaughter, the spin-off created by Tynion IV and written by Tate Bromball that sold over 500,000 copies, follows the stories of different masks within the House of Slaughter itself. Erica Slaughter is a black mask (primarily a solo hunter), but there are also white, blue, scarlet, silver, and other mask colors. Each color represents a different role within the House itself. 

This could lead to the expansion of the Slaughterverse with different projects that have their own main characters, or separate miniseries’ that tell the quick arc of a mask from a different role. This is similar to what Netflix has done with The Witcher, with natural expansions based on the individual IP. 

Twitter reacts to the good news

Eisner Award-winning approval

Proper excitement

Dark + Something is Killing the Children? Yes please.

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