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Millie Bobby Brown Mesmerizes in Netflix’s Eerie Fantasy Thriller ‘Damsel’

Brown adeptly embraces a familiar role and dazzles in Netflix’s latest supernatural drama.

This review is made possible by an advanced screener of Damsel, provided to Agents of Fandom by Netflix for review purposes.

In Netflix‘s newest dark fantasy feature, Damsel, Millie Bobby Brown shines as she embodies the role of a young woman set to wed the town’s charming prince. However, her journey takes a sinister turn when she realizes this idyllic facade isn’t quite what she envisioned.

Damsel, directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, stands out as a must-watch thanks to its mostly stunning visuals, meticulously crafted score, and commanding performances from the entire cast. Amidst the anticipated adventure and trials encountered by Brown’s character, Elodie, Damsel also presents unexpected elements of horror that add a delightfully spooky element.

Millie Bobby Brown Commands the Spotlight in ‘Damsel’ Amongst a Ensemble Cast

Millie Bobby Brown as Elodie in Damsel | Agents of Fandom
Millie Bobby Brown takes Damsel to extraordinary heights with her complex performance. Image Credit: Netflix.

While Damsel boasts a formidable array of talent, Millie Bobby Brown’s performance outshines the rest with her fascinating portrayal of a young distressed woman fighting for her life. Building on her success in Stranger Things and Enola Holmes, Brown elevates her career to new heights in a role reminiscent of her previous characters. She authentically embodies distress and concern throughout the film, evoking empathy and igniting a desire to see her survive and triumph over those who seek her demise.

In addition to Brown’s impactful performance, each supporting cast member, including Nick Robinson, Angela Bassett, and Robin Wright, excels in their role. Robin Wright’s portrayal of Queen Isabelle is particularly noteworthy, whose menacing intensity fuels the hatred for her character. Nick Robinson as Prince Henry is impeccable, as his mannerisms and physical allure perfectly align with the essence of a charming Prince.

‘Damsel’ Slowly Outgrows Some Frustrating Pacing Issues

Brooke Carter as Floria and Millie Bobby Brown as Elodie in Damsel getting her dressed fitted | Agents of Fandom
Despite its less-than-polished visual effects, Damsel emerges as an intriguing fantasy drama. Image Credit: Netflix.

While navigating a story brimming with action, Damsel struggles to find its footing in the initial act. However, as the narrative gains momentum, it transforms into a captivating fantasy tale with surprising splashes of horror. Amidst the adventure, Damsel delivers effective jump scares similar to the most accomplished horror films.

When it comes to visuals, the magnificent Kingdom of Aurea is a feast for the eyes. When paired with Amanda Monk‘s exquisite costume design and David Fleming‘s elegantly calculated score, they seamlessly blend to enhance the atmosphere and period setting. While the CGI rendering of the fearsome Dragon falters at times, it doesn’t significantly detract from the film’s overall enjoyment.

Netflix Presents an Intricately Crafted and Captivating Fantasy Drama

Robin Wright as Queen Isabelle in Damsel dressed in a gown wearing a crown | Agents of Fandom
Robin Wright stands strong as Queen Isabelle in Damsel as her fearful performance creates an uneasy feeling. Image Credit: Netflix.

Despite its middling pace and occasional lapses in visual quality, Damsel ultimately emerges as a remarkable fantasy film. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and cinematographer Larry Fong deserve immense credit for their exceptional efforts in breathing life into the Kingdom of Aurea. Their collaborative work undoubtedly sets a captivating backdrop, one that is elevated by the extraordinary talent of Millie Bobby Brown.

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'Damsel' Review

'Damsel' Review
3.5 5 0 1
3.5 rating
Total Score

The Good

  • The two leads have great chemistry.
  • Visually striking, particularly in its landscapes.
  • Millie Bobby Brown is enchanting.

The Bad

  • Struggles to find its footing in the first act.
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