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‘Invincible’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Viltrumites Makes a Bloody Return

Mark and Nolan Grayson reunite for a violent battle against the Viltrumites.

The final episode in Part 1 of Invincible Season 2 is now streaming on Prime Video, and the wait to wrap up the second chapter in Mark Grayson’s (Steven Yeun) story in Part 2 begins. In typical Invincible fashion, this mid-season conclusion raises eyebrows and questions, setting up a gripping final four episodes that are certain to, like the Season 1 finale, end in utter devastation.

The latest episode boasts some of the series’ best action to date, showcasing the sheer power and ruthlessness of the Viltrumite empire. Whether you’re looking to refresh your memory ahead of Part 2, or just want to spend a little more time with Mark and Nolan (J.K. Simmons), we’ve got you covered with our Invincible Season 2, Episode 4 recap.

Omni-Man Reveals a Shocking Secret in ‘Invincible’ Season 2, Episode 4

Omni-Man extends his hand to his son Mark on the planet Thraxa | Agents of Fandom
Given the violent nature of Omni-Man’s departure from Earth, it’s a bit surprising to see him in such a peaceful light. Image Credit: Prime Video.

Episode 4 opens with a twist: instead of picking up at the end of the previous episode, we finally learn where Omni-Man went after departing Earth in the Season 1 finale. He didn’t return to Viltrum, he roamed the galaxy reconciling his actions without any discernible purpose, until he wandered upon a group of stray Thraxans that required his help. After rescuing them from certain deaths, they invited him back to their home planet to rule as a benevolent leader, not a malicious conqueror.

Back in the present day, Nolan finally explains to his son why he’s dragged him halfway across the universe to Thraxa. In a simultaneously shocking and heartbreaking revelation, he reveals to Mark that he’s married a Thraxan woman and fathered another son. Nolan knows the Viltrumites will never accept his half Viltrumite/half Thraxan child, and plan to kill him and wipe out the entire planet when they arrive. He calls on Mark for help defending his newly discovered brother and fighting the Viltrum empire when they inevitably arrive.

Mark makes it clear he has no intentions of helping his father, who abandoned him and called his mother Debbie (Sandra Oh) a pet. He isn’t ready to fight against full-grown Viltrumites, but Nolan objects and offers to begin training him immediately. Before Mark even has time to consider, meteorites rain from the sky, signaling there is no time for training or decision-making. The Viltrum empire is here to claim another world and set Nolan and Mark back on track towards their original mission.

Things are chugging along back on Earth, albeit at a significantly slower pace than on Thraxa. Eve (Gillian Jacobs) continues to battle her self-doubt and makes brunch plans with William (Andrew Rannells) and Amber (Zazie Beetz). All the while, the Mauler twins (Kevin Michael Richardson) have cloned themselves once again in the aftermath of the horrid accident that took one of their lives and left the other disfigured. Donald (Chris Diamantopoulos) also starts to unravel the truth about his existence.

Mark and Nolan Grayson’s Future Hangs in the Balance

Steven Yeun as Invinicible pointing at J.K. Simmons as Omni-Man | Agents of Fandom
Despite everything the pair have been through, Nolan and Mark’s reunion still hits all the heavy emotional beats. Image Credit: Prime Video.

Eve gets into a skirmish with the Season 1 familiar Killcannon (Fred Tatasciore), which ends fairly quickly as he proves to be no match for her. At the battle’s conclusion, she decides to skip brunch with William and Amber and head back home to make amends with her family. Meanwhile, costume extraordinaire Art Rosenbaum (Mark Hamill) visits Debbie in her home, and the two share a touching moment, reflecting on all the pain they’ve experienced. However, the Invincible Season 2, Part 1 finale is packed with action and leaves little time for the non-superpowered folks, so it’s time to head back to Thraxa for the concluding showdown.

In a last-ditch effort, Nolan asks Mark to take his son to safety, Mark agrees, but their security after arriving at the cave is short-lived. Lucan (Phil DaMarr) has tracked them down and plans to kill Mark and his brother. Invincible is no match for a fully grown Viltrumite like Lucan, but fortunately, Nolan flies in to save his wife and both of his sons at the last moment. Omni-Man and Lucan get into a heavyweight boxing match that ends with Nolan slicing open his former Viltrumite comrade and his guts spewing out on the floor. He then uses the broken stalagmite to impale Lucan, seemingly ending his life.

The father-son duo fly back to the main city and find nothing but utter destruction. Thula (Grey Griffin) and General Kregg (Clancy Brown) have laid waste to the city and slaughtered everyone inside. Nolan and Mark defeat the murderous pair, but not before Thula severely wounds Mark. After the battle concludes, Nolan goes over to check on his son, but it turns out Lucan isn’t dead. He flies in and appears to break Nolan’s spine, gloating in front of his son. The Viltrumites win the day, taking Nolan back to their planet for execution and sending Mark back to Earth with an ultimatum: kill a few to prepare for Viltrumite rule, or they will kill millions upon their arrival.

To tie things up back on Earth and wrap up the final episode in Part 1, we check in with the Mauler twins and Donald. The newest clone has poisoned the mangled original and plans to produce many more clones, not just one. It appears going forward into the second half of season two, there will be endless Maulers to deal with. Donald finds the old security files and stumbles across some disturbing footage. After watching his death, everything he thought he knew about himself is now void, and the audience is left wondering how Cecil (Walton Goggins) managed to find another perfect copy of Donald to fill the original’s place.

The ‘Invincible’ Season 2, Part 1 Finale Opens the Door for Infinite Possibility

Steven Yeun as Invincible and Gillian Jacobs as Atom Eve flying together in the sky | Agents of Fandom
Whether the creators adapt the comic book storylines into the show or take Invincible and Atom Eve in a different direction, the future is ripe with potential. Image Credit: Prime Video.

For those wondering whether there would be any solid resolution from the mid-season finale, you have your answer. Invincible Season 2, Episode 4 is an action-packed thrill ride but opts to rely on the second half of the season to answer any of the loads of questions everyone has at the moment. This story is far more ambitious than that of Season 1, but the creators will certainly tie everything up satisfyingly.

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