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‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 Recap: Everything To Know Before Season 7

Deku and Class 1-A learn their hardest lesson yet when the war between heroes and villains ensues.

Following My Hero Academia Season 6’s intense battles and dark turns for the characters, viewers have waited more than a year to find out what happens next for fan-favorite character Izuku Midoriya/Deku (Daiki Yamashita/Justin Briner) and his classmates. Do you need a reminder of the highlights from My Hero Academia Season 6? Study up with our recap before tuning into the Season 7 premiere.

Kohei Horikoshi‘s superhero franchise is set in a world where 80% of the population possesses a superhuman ability called a Quirk. The story follows Midoriya, a high-schooler who wants to be the greatest hero who ever lived despite not having a Quirk. His life changes when his favorite hero, Toshinori Yagi/All Might (Kenta Miyake/Christopher Sabat) passes on his One For All Quirk to Midoriya and helps him become a Pro Hero as he attends U.A. High School, a place dedicated to training the next generations of heroes.

The Explosive Hero vs. Villain War Arrives

Japan's Pro Heroes are ready for war in My Hero Academia Season 6 | Agents of Fandom
The Pro Heroes assemble to take down the Paranormal Liberation Front once and for all. Image Credit: Bones Inc.

The No. 2 Pro Hero, Keigo Takami/Hawks (Yuichi Nakamura/Zeno Robinson), is working undercover to gather more intel on the evil organization, the Paranormal Liberation Front, and uncovers their plans to take over Japan. After notifying the Pro Heroes of this incoming assault, they decide to launch a synchronized attack on the villains’ base and the hospital basement where Dr. Kyudai Garaki (Minoru Inaba/Mark Stoddard), the scientist behind the Nomus, is working.

Hawks deceives villain Jin Bubaigawara/Twice (Daichi Endo/Newton Pittman) by exploiting their bond and prevents Twice from using his Quirk to create clones. Hawks betrays Twice and ends his life despite his pleas and confusion.

No. 5 Pro Hero Rumi Usagiyama/Mirko (Sayaka Kinoshita/Anairis Quiñones) destroys the containment pod holding the Paranormal Liberation Front’s leader, Tomura Shigaraki (Kōki Uchiyama/Eric Vale), but he’s accidentally revived and reawakened with enhanced powers. His Quirk to decay anything he touches has increased, and Shigaraki now has the All For One Quirk, allowing him to steal other powers and use them; he sets his eyes on Midoriya.

Shigaraki’s faithful servant/bodyguard, Gigantomachia (Yasuhiro Mamiya/Cris George), rushes to return to Shigaraki’s side now that he’s awake and is destroying anything in his path. Pro Hero and U.A. High School teacher Nemuri Kayama/Midnight (Akeno Watanabe/Elizabeth Maxwell) attempts to fend him off but is killed.

With her dying breath, she tells Momo Yaoyorozu (Marina Inoue/Colleen Clinkenbeard) to lead Class 1-A and 1-B to set up a trap to capture Gigantomachia. The classes try to fire a sedative into Gigantomachia’s mouth due to his impenetrable skin, but he takes on an armored form to easily knock away the heroes.

Tomura Shigaraki and Deku Hold Nothing Back in the Battle for Their Lives

Tomura Shigaraki and Izuku Midoriya go all-out against another in My Hero Academia Season 6 | Agents of Fandom
My Hero Academia Season 6 features one of the best fights of the entire series to date. Image Credit: Bones Inc.

Midoriya’s homeroom teacher at U.A, Shota Aizawa/Eraser Head (Junichi Suwabe/Christopher Wehkamp), uses his Quirk in the fight against Shigaraki to nullify any abilities in his sight, as long as he doesn’t blink. Unfortunately for the heroes, Shigaraki’s superhuman strength isn’t a Quirk after his new transformation.

After seeing how much of a hindrance Aizawa is, Shigaraki fires a Quirk-Destroying Bullet at Aizawa’s leg. In a last-ditch effort, Aizawa cuts off his leg to keep his Quirk intact but goes unconscious.

With Shigaraki’s Quirks now in full effect, he’s able to regenerate from his injuries. But the All For One Quirk is still too much for his body since he was released from his pod too early. Midoriya unlocks the Float Quirk from the seventh One For All user, Nana Shimura (Mie Sonozaki/Stephanie Young), and battles Shigaraki in the air using Blackwhip while the heroes recover on the ground.

No. 1 Pro Hero Enji Todoroki/Endeavor (Tetsu Inada/Patrick Seitz) and Midoriya’s childhood rival Katsuki Bakugo (Nobuhiko Okamoto/Clifford Chapin) launch themselves up to deal a finishing blow on Shigaraki. As they both shoot fiery attacks at him, Shigaraki launches a fury of stabbing tendrils that injure Endeavor and fatally harm Bakugo, who pushed Midoriya away from being killed.

Midoriya goes into an enraged state after seeing Bakugo’s sacrifice. All For One (Akio Ōtsuka/John Swasey) warns Shigaraki to retreat so he can adjust to the All For One Quirk. Shigaraki refuses as Gigantomachia and the League of Villains arrive to help their leader.

Secrets Are Revealed in ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6

Dabi creepily smiles as he reveals who he is in My Hero Academia Season 6 | Agents of Fandom
Dabi tears down Endeavor without having to throw a single punch. Image Credit: Bones Inc.

By hacking into televisions around the country, Dabi (Hiro Shimono/Jason Liebrecht) exposes himself to be the first-born son of Endeavor, who was assumed to be dead. He reveals he was abused as a child by his father in Endeavor’s pursuit to make him the strongest hero.

With Endeavor and Shoto Todoroki (Yūki Kaji/David Matranga) stunned at the sight of their relative, Dabi attempts to launch a burning attack at the heroes on the battlefield before being restrained by metal cables from Pro Hero Tsunagu Hakamada/Best Jeanist (Hikaru Midorikawa/Micah Solusod), who was also presumed to be dead.

Shigaraki instructs Gigantomachia to destroy everyone while the High-End Nomus focus on Jeanist. With Midoriya unable to move after battling Shigaraki, Mirio Togata/Lemillion (Tarusuke Shingaki/Ricco Fajardo) arrives on the scene with his Quirk back. The day before, he asked Eri (Seiran Kobayashi/Emily Neves) to use her Rewind Quirk to go back to when he had his Quirk.

Despite being unable to fight, Deku unlocks Danger Sense, the Quirk of the fourth One For All user, Hikage Shinomori (Toshiyuki Morikawa/Bradley Gareth), and dodges the attacks coming his way. With both sides feeling exhausted, Shuichi Iguchi/Spinner (Ryō Iwasaki/Larry Brantley) escapes with a weakened Shigaraki while the Nomus blast away the heroes.

With the war over, the heroes deal with the many casualties and mourn their fallen comrades. As the heroes are distracted, a jailbreak takes place at Tartarus, the maximum security prison holding All For One. Some heroes willingly retire as their public perception is ruined, leading to more criminal activity. Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist declare U.A. High School an evacuation facility to protect civilians.

Dark Deku Fights His Classmates in ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6

Dark Deku faces off against Class 1-A | Agents of Fandom
Deku loses all sense of control after the fallout of the Paranormal Liberation War. Image Credit: Bones Inc.

While Midoriya is in the hospital recovering from his wounds, he has an internal conversation with the past One For All Quirk users. They reveal that this specific Quirk diminishes the life force of its wielders who already had Quirks, meaning Midoriya will probably be the last user. When he wakes up, Midoriya entrusts his U.A. classmates with letters revealing the truth about his Quirk before leaving the school due to the threat posed by Shigaraki and All For One.

With Midoriya’s enhanced strength and better control of the One For All Quirk, he’s able to harness the other wielders’ abilities better and defeat the villains on the loose. With sleep deprivation fueling his anger towards All For One and Shigaraki, Midoriya embraces a darker side of himself, consumed by vengeance.

Seeing their friend in need, Class 1-A fights Midoriya to bring him back to his senses. Despite their combined abilities, they are no match for him. Bakugo appeals to Midoriya by revealing how much he admires him as a hero and a friend.

As Class 1-A tries to bring Midoriya back to U.A., the civilians inside deny him entry because he’ll attract villains to the school/evacuation facility. Ochaco Uraraka/Uravity (Ayane Sakura/Luci Christian) pleads with them by saying heroes need to be saved as well. Several citizens that were saved by Midoriya agree and they allow him back in.

Is There a Bright Future Ahead in ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 7?

American hero Star and Stripe is on her way to assist the Pro Heroes in Japan | Agents of Fandom
Move aside, Captain America, this American hero has a more patriotic look. Image Credit: Bones Inc.

At the end of My Hero Academia Season 6, Hero Killer Stain (Gō Inoue/Robert McCollum) confronts his favorite hero All Might, telling him that he’s still an inspiration to people even though he’s no longer a Pro Hero. He gives All Might a data disk that reveals that Shigaraki’s transformation will be complete in just three days.

All Might meets with the World Heroes Association to request that foreign heroes assist in the upcoming battle. While many countries refuse to send help, the United States of America deploys their No. 1 Hero, Star and Stripe (Romi Park/Natalie Van Sistine), who says she’s willing to help her “master.”

With the heroes getting a brief moment of rest following their battle with numerous villains, My Hero Academia Season 7 looks to bring momentum back up for another action-packed start. The new season will be available on Crunchyroll on May 4, 2024. The dubbed versions will be released at a later date.

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