AF Parker

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Proudly South African, I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa with a diverse heritage ranging from India, Yemen and Ireland. Ever since I was a kid I've been deep into all things geeky. I appreciate comics and media from both DC Comics and Marvel, however if I have to pick one it's ALWAYS going to be DC. The Flash is my favourite superhero, specifically Wally West. He is the greatest superhero ever created. I won't be entertaining any debates at this moment in time. Apart from the big two, other fandoms I have interests in are Harry Potter and Star Wars. I'm a huge sports enthusiast. I love football (no, not the American one), supporting Manchester United since I was a kid. Other sports interests include cricket and basketball. I live life by two things, "Live life to the fullest" and "Be kind". The first is to ensure I always give everything a shot, no matter how scary it might be. The second should go without saying, just be kind. You never know what battles everyone is fighting, so just be kind. It goes a long way.