Sam Carmona of the Circle Netflix - Ticket 2 Reality

Sam Carmona of ‘The Circle’ Netflix – Ticket 2 Reality (Video)

Lee Swift and the Agents of Fandom chat with Sam Carmona of The Circle Netflix on the Ticket 2 Reality podcast.

The Circle Netflix is back for a 5th season. A new year brings a new twist, with Season 5 bringing us an all-new Singles edition! However, with the exciting new features, bring the warm embrace of an old friend. Sam Carmona joins to talk about her experience on the show.

Sam shares that she never watched The Circle on Netflix before, and applied when her cousin made the suggestion. Although not expecting to be selected, Sam has become a fan favorite.

Sam Carmona of The Circle Netflix Joins Ticket 2 Reality

During the Ticket 2 Reality exclusive, the trio discusses strategies for successful “catfishing” on the show. Sam, Lee, and the Agents of Fandom mention the success of certain players like Brett and Xanthi who have played far more strategically as catfish account Jennifer. Lee, former catfish on The Circle himself, praised their tactics and ability to create a believable persona. Sam also mentions that she played a similar game to Joey from season 1, who she admires for his honesty and how he picked a core group of players and stuck with them. His straight-forwardness in the group chats was an inspiration to her game, and it’s no surprise the two are The Circle favorites.

Throughout the interview, the group also talks about other highlights from The Circle and their biggest surprises. Among the most hilarious moments, Sam goes into detail about her memorable “most embarrassing occasion” reveal. In the end, Sam is happy and grateful for the experience. The opportunity to appear on the show allowed her to express her personality to a larger audience. The producers at Netflix behind The Circle must be thrilled as well, as Sam is one of the most entertaining contestants to date.

For more in-depth discussion and insights on The Circle, check out the full interview. The Ticket 2 Reality podcast features discussions with previous The Circle on Netflix winners Deleesa St. Agathe as well as James Andre Jefferson Jr.

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