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‘The Bad Batch’ Season 3, Episode 14 Recap & Review: Omega Leads by Example

The stakes are higher than ever before in the series penultimate.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 14.

The series penultimate of The Bad Batch is streaming on Disney+, leaving only one week remaining in a three-year journey of more than 45 episodes. After standing up for the town on the planet Pabu at the end of Episode 11, Omega (Michelle Ang) now has to escape from Tantiss base once more.

The latest installment is packed with heartfelt moments from Omega and teamwork with Clone Force 99 (Dee Bradley Baker) — make sure you didn’t miss anything with our Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 14 recap.

Clone Force 99 Arrives on Tantiss in ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 3, Episode 14

Crosshair in the foreground looking straight ahead and Wrecker in the background in The Bad Batch Season 3 | Agents of Fandom
The crew’s long and winding journey to find Mount Tantiss and put an end to Dr. Hemlock’s schemes is in motion, and there’s no turning back now. Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+.

The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 14 episode opens with the crew plotting their infiltration strategy on Tantiss, where they decide to go in on foot. Inside the base, a trooper warns Dr. Royce Hemlock (Jimmi Simpson) of Clone Force 99’s potential arrival, and he dispatches fighters to monitor the airspace. The enemy fighters pursue the Bad Batch, and the base defenses shoot them down with laser cannons.

In the vault, Dr. Emerie Karr (Keisha Castle-Hughes) issues a security warning, and Omega realizes her brothers have come to save her. The team takes out one fighter but jumps out of the ship just before it crashes. Dr. Hemlock orders one team out to search the crash site and another to search the supply vessel, meanwhile, Crosshair and Wrecker meet back up with Hunter following the chaos.

An inventory droid catches Echo sneaking around, so he blasts it and steals its hand. Omega decides she needs to confirm if the security alert is her brothers coming to her rescue, and asks the other kids to cover for her while she’s gone. Crosshair and Rampart (Noshir Dalal) share a brief conversation about loyalty, but Crosshair doesn’t believe his newfound change of heart is authentic.

Dr. Emerie Karr Finally Does the Right Thing

Dr. Emerie Karr talking to Dr. Royce Hemlock with a clone trooper standing behind her in The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 14 | Agents of Fandom
Season 3 has been setting up Emerie Karr’s redemption arc, and the time has come for her to do what’s right. Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+.

After acquiring the hand from the inventory droid, Echo sneaks around the base to search for schematics. Outside the base, Crosshair, Hunter, Wrecker, and Rampart run into a large monster in the woods that throws Wrecker against a tree. Tantiss troopers engage the Bad Batch and Rampart escapes, but the troopers capture him with swiftness.

The medical droid enters the vault for exams, but Omega is still in the ventilation system. She discovers the Empire torturing an animal detained in a large pool, and narrowly makes it back to her cell in time. Echo then taps into the base to search for Omega’s location, but Dr. Karr catches him.

Dr. Karr immediately recognizes Echo and offers to help free Omega and the other children. Inside the vault, Omega tells the other kids she found something big and has an escape plan, but she needs their help.

The Stage Is Set for ‘The Bad Batch’ Finale To Be an All-Time Great Episode of Star Wars TV

A close up still of Dr. Hemlock looking down with a yellow mist behind him in The Bad Batch Season 3 | Agents of Fandom
Dr. Hemlock never raises his voice, but his lines always command attention even when speaking at a low volume. Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+.

The Bad Batch took an unnecessary detour with Episode 12 but quickly got back on track with Episodes 13 and 14. The series continues to dive into mature and powerful themes that can resonate with far more than just the target audience. With only one episode remaining, the time is near to say goodbye to Omega and Clone Force 99, possibly forever.

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'The Bad Batch' Season 3, Episode 14 "Flash Strike" Review

'The Bad Batch' Season 3, Episode 14 "Flash Strike" Review
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4.5 rating
Total Score

The Good

  • Omega's development as a leader is on stronger display than ever before.
  • Clone Force 99 has several great moments of teamwork.
  • Kevin Kiner's score hits like a train from start to finish.

The Bad

  • Lingering element of "why is he here?" for Rampart.
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