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‘The Bad Batch’ Season 3, Episode 8 Recap & Review: Fennec Shand Has a Mission

The final season of ‘The Bad Batch’ is collecting Star Wars characters like infinity stones.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 8.

With The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 8 now streaming on Disney+, the final season is officially more than halfway over. After the previous episodes feature the return of The Clone Wars regular Rex (Dee Bradley Baker), Episode 8 brings in a beloved character who has jumped in and out of live-action and animation. The infamous bounty hunter, Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), makes her season debut with a dangerous mission for Hunter and Wrecker.

The first Star Wars series of the year is firing on all cylinders; each episode thus far offers a compelling narrative and interesting interpersonal relationships. The characters are all going through immense forms of growth that don’t feel forced or sacrificial to the story. The eighth installment is one of the best in the series so far, so let’s dive into all the details in The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 8 recap.

Clone Force 99 Turns to Fennec Shand for Help in ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 3, Episode 8

A close up still of Fennec Shand wearing her helmet in The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 8 | Agents of Fandom
The group is reluctant about asking Fennec Shand for help given she tried to kidnap Omega, but desperation forces their hand. Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+.

The episode opens with a classic Omega (Michelle Ang) moment: She blames herself for the death of the clones and wants to help, but the group reminds her she needs to lie low. A transmission from their old pirate friend Phee (Wanda Sykes) tells them different bounty hunters have been on missions retrieving M-count targets for the Empire. Omega suggests they talk to Fennec Shand, and Hunter decides he and Wrecker will meet with her while Crosshair and Omega stay on Pabu.

Hunter tells Omega to convince Crosshair to have his hand looked at, and AZI tells him that the issue is not physical, but psychological. Hunter and Wrecker arrive on another planet to find Fennec in a bar, and she tells them she knows of a bounty hunter who went on an M-count mission. They cannot afford to pay for this information straight up, so they agree to a mission in place of payment.

Their mission is to track down and capture Sylar Saris, another bounty hunter who took out two bosses from the Haxion Brood. The trio goes to Saris’ last known location by boat but finds bombs in the water. Fennec sends Wrecker and Hunter into the water to disarm the bombs and clear a path to Sylar’s hideout.

Sylar Saris Proves To Be Quite the Problem for Hunter, Wrecker, and Fennec

Omega standing beside the Wookie jedi Gungi in The Bad Batch | Agents of Fandom
Omega reminisces about her time on Kashyyyk in The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 8. Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+.

Back on Pabu, Omega has an idea for how to fix the shaking in Crosshair’s hand. Hunter and Wrecker finish disarming the bombs, but crocodile-like water monsters attack and force them back to the boat, forcing them to make a narrow escape. Before they reach the shore, Hunter and Wrecker talk with Fennec about morals, but she won’t listen to them.

The dangerous bounty hunter sends them into the base to capture Sylar Saris while she keeps a lookout. Once they get inside, Sylar attacks them and flees underground to his ship. However, before he escapes, Hunter and Wrecker stun him several times until he finally passes out and then load him onto the boat.

Returning to Pabu for the last time in this episode, Omega teaches Crosshair to meditate. Fennec Shand does not have the information they need on her person, but she tells Hunter and Wrecker she’ll be in touch. When she gets back to her ship, she contacts a mysterious associate, tells them about her mission, and informs them of Clone Force 99’s whereabouts.

Even When Split Up, the Group Chemistry in ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 3, Episode 8 Is off the Charts

A close up still of Omega piloting a ship in The Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 8 | Agents of Fandom
Although the last few episodes have contained less Omega by nature of her integration with the larger group, she remains a superstar in The Bad Batch Season 3. Image Credit: Lucasfilm.

The group chemistry and development between Omega and Clone Force 99 is extraordinary. Where she was once a child in need of constant protection and care, she has grown into her own as a powerful and resonant character by the nature of her time with the Bad Batch. Omega’s return to Tantiss later in the season has the potential to be one of the most poignant and powerful moments in all of Star Wars.

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'The Bad Batch' Season 3, Episode 8 "Bad Territory" Review

'The Bad Batch' Season 3, Episode 8 "Bad Territory" Review
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The Good

  • It's great to see Fennec Shand back in any Star Wars property.
  • Omega helping Crosshair is one of her best character moments.
  • Mysterious tease at the end builds a lot of intrigue for the rest of the season.

The Bad

  • It isn't longer!
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