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Spike Feresten Wants an ‘Unfrosted’ Spin-Off Featuring Christian Slater [Exclusive]

Who knew being “part of a balanced breakfast” took so much lobbying?

The upcoming Netflix film Unfrosted dives into the history of breakfast, with a hefty amount of creative liberties taken in the process. However, while the movie focuses on the creation of the Pop Tart, it’s Christian Slater in the role of a milkman that interested co-writer and producer Spike Feresten the most.

With the Pop Tart set to revolutionize the breakfast industry, “Big Milk” is motivated to slow down the creation of the fruity pastry to protect its role as a staple in the everyday American balanced breakfast. Slater’s role as the milkman enforcing the will of “Big Milk” is so special that Feresten would like to see an Unfrosted spin-off surrounding him.

Spike Feresten Thinks There Is Untapped Potential In Christian Slater’s ‘Unfrosted’ Role

Christian Slater hands Jerry Seinfeld a jar of milk in Unfrosted | Agents of Fandom
Christian Slater is the most intimidating milkman the world has ever seen. Image Credit: Netflix.

Spike Feresten spoke with the Agents of Fandom about Christian Slater’s performance and the potential for a future Unfrosted spin-off:

“I had never worked with Christian Slater before, but when he showed up in that outfit, he was making us laugh really hard. I’ll be honest, I’ve said to Jerry (Seinfeld) that if we did do something else, based on the movie, Christian Slater as a milkman…there’s something there.”

—Co-writer and producer Spike Feresten on the possibility of an Unfrosted spin-off with Christian Slater

While there are a lot of varying factors involved in a film getting a spin-off, the most important thing is for it to be successful. While that remains to be seen for Unfrosted, Feresten is confident that Christian Slater as a milkman will be a highlight for viewers.

“There’s a spot in the movie where he’s standing on his milk truck outside with his leg up, and that just kills us. The silliness of that shot and that stance absolutely kills us.”

—Spike Feresten on Christian Slater’s performance in Unfrosted

However, as a veteran in the industry for more than three decades, Feresten admits his comedy style hasn’t changed since his early days writing for Seinfeld and Saturday Night Live. The writer-producer also confessed the fear that this style of comedy could be outdated.

Are we making something that is no longer relevant? Are we making something no one else is doing on purpose, and we will be the only ones out there? We’re making what could be considered an old fashion comedy. Maybe, there’s a hole we need to fill and we need to make more stuff like this.

—Spike Feresten on how Unfrosted will be received by audiences.

For an Unfrosted spin-off to occur, it’ll be imperative for the comedy style to resonate with viewers. However, at the bare minimum, the plethora of big-name actors should be enough to get people to press play.

Christian Slater is among many incredible performances and cameos appearing in Unfrosted, which debuts on Netflix on May 3. The film features Jerry Seinfeld, Melissa McCarthy, and more among the star-studded cast.

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