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‘Unfrosted’ Creators Wanted Daniel Day-Lewis To Appear but Literally Couldn’t Find Him [Exclusive]

The cast of ‘Unfrosted’ is star-studded, but they missed out on their Golden Goose.

Although Unfrosted — the satirical, untold story of the Pop Tart — features some of the biggest names in comedy, co-writer and producer Jerry Seinfeld couldn’t quite cast everyone on his list. The film features stars like Melissa McCarthy, Christian Slater, Amy Schumer, Bill Burr, and more alongside Seinfeld, however, Daniel Day-Lewis was one actor they wanted, yet couldn’t secure.

According to co-writer and producer Spike Feresten, it wasn’t that they couldn’t get Day-Lewis to say yes to the role, but that they couldn’t find him whatsoever. Even with all of Jerry Seinfeld’s pull in the industry, the creators of Unfrosted still couldn’t figure out where in the world Daniel Day-Lewis is hiding.

Daniel Day-Lewis Was Spike Feresten’s First Choice for ‘Unfrosted’

Feresten joined Agents of Fandom, and when asked if there were any cameos they were hoping to secure but couldn’t, he broke down the difficult task of looking for the legendary actor and how not finding him was their biggest failure in production.

“Daniel Day-Lewis was an obsession of ours. How do we get this, now shoe cobler, to get back into acting and take part in our movie? That was an obession of ours from the first day we started writing, that we never succesfully did. We couldn’t find Daniel Day-Lewis.”

Unfrosted co-writer and producer Spike Feresten on wanting Daniel Day-Lewis in the film

At the very least, the quest to find the former megastar yielded some great stories. No matter who they asked or which stones they turned, they had no luck whatsoever.

“We heard rumors, Robert Smigel said Adam Sandler knows (where he is). I said ‘Get me Sandler’s number’ but Sandler said he didn’t know. That was our biggest failure of the whole movie.”

—Spike Feresten on calling Adam Sandler to see if he could locate Daniel-Day Lewis for Unfrosted

Despite being unable to make this happen, Unfrosted still features many exciting cast members and cameos. The film premieres exclusively on Netflix on May 3, 2024.

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