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‘Abbott Elementary’ Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: Romantic Tensions Are High

The slow burn will-they-won’t-they is starting to heat up on ABC’s sitcom.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Abbott Elementary Episode 11, “Double Date.”

In the latest installment of Abbott Elementary, “Double Date,” fans were treated to a rollercoaster of emotions, especially for those shipping Gregory (Tyler James Williams) and Janine (Quinta Brunson). With only three episodes left in Season 3, the anticipation is palpable as the series inches closer to what could be a season finale mic drop moment for the two. Meanwhile, Ava (Janelle James) started her very own book club with some of the teachers.

Gregory and Janine Should Just Date Already

Gregory and Jacob from Abbott Elementary are on a double date with their respective dates but Gregory can't stop staring at Janine. | Agents of Fandom
Gregory and his date seem to have great chemistry until he spots his true love out as well. Image Credit: ABC.

At first glance, this episode seemed like a shipper’s worst nightmare. Gregory went on a date with a new girl, Olivia (Lana Condor). This was set up by Jacob (Chris Perfetti) and his new beau Avi (Karan Soni). Gregory and Olivia really seemed to be hitting it off too until jealousy reared its head.

After the four stepped into a bar in Abbott Elementary Episode 11, Gregory spotted Janine seemingly on a date of her own. He didn’t even try to hide his discontent and quickly forgot he was on a date himself. The first grade teacher quickly slides into a bout of paranoia and then goes over to Janine for a cringey confrontation. But it turns out Gregory completely misread the situation and Janine wasn’t on a date.

Gregory embarrassing himself is exactly what he deserves after turning down Janine at the beginning of this season. It is now evident that Gregory’s feelings for Janine still burn strong, despite his claims of moving on. Later the next day, Gregory and Jacob briefly try to break down what happened the night prior.

Before we can get a confession out of Gregory, Janine walks in and asks him if she can have some flowers from his garden. Of course, Gregory says yes. Thus the stage is set for Janine and Gregory to finally act on their feelings. This season must be leading to a finale where they go on a date. Right?

‘Abbott Elementary’ Season 3 Episode 11 Becomes Lord of the Book Clubs

Ava, Barbara, Melissa, and Mr. Johnson from Abbott Elementary attend a book club in the gym
 | Agents of Fandom
A simple book club amongst co-workers…what could go wrong? Image Credit: ABC.

Amidst the romantic tension, the teachers of Abbott Elementary ventured into uncharted territory with a humorous subplot involving a book club led by Ava. What started as a simple discussion on post-apocalyptic literature quickly turned into stubborn arguments as teachers refused to see the others’ points of view.

Things become chaotic when Ava asks who would make the best apocalypse leader among the group. Arguments ensue, factions form, and soon, they find themselves in a comical struggle for survival. The groups fight over the book club’s limited resources: bottles of water and some takeout food. This hilarious standoff lasts all night.

While this side story provides its share of laughs, it pales in comparison to the riveting Gregory and Janine saga unfolding in the foreground. I remain hopeful that the upcoming episodes will continue to explore the evolving dynamics between Granine as Abbott Elementary Season 3 draws to a close. Yes, I made a ship name.

With each passing episode, Abbott Elementary delivers an irresistible blend of humor and heart, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for its beloved characters.

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