Avengers 5: Official Title Accidentally Revealed

Avengers 5 has been nothing but a myth until recent occurances may have accidentally revealed the official title for the film.

San Diego Comic Con is now in full swing, with the Hall H panel just around the corner. Marvel Studios will be making its grand return to Hall H, which means Marvel fans are in for a real treat. Phase 4 has introduced us to concepts and stories that we didn’t even know were possible yet. We’ve traveled through time, explored the multiverse, and met some of the mightiest Gods and Goddesses in the universe.

Until this point, Marvel Studios has given fans nothing in regard to the highly anticipated Avengers 5 film, which was promised to happen at some point in the MCU’s foreseeable future. However, recent rumblings have surfaced surrounding a Reddit leak that might’ve revealed the official titles for upcoming Marvel Studios projects; including Avengers 5.

The Title For Avengers 5 Is…

According to the Reddit outbreak, the European Union Intellectual Property Office filed several trademarks for working MCU titles. Two of these titles included Avengers: Secret Wars and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. The filing occurred on Friday, July 22, coincidentally before the highly anticipated return of Feige and Marvel Studios to the San Diego Comic-Con Hall H Panel; or is it…

Here’s What We Know

The attorney’s office that filed for these titles, Mitscherlich, has done business with Disney prior to the current filings with these MCU titles. While it is still up in the air, the direction of Phase 4 suggests that these titles are relatively accurate. It’s hard to tell whether these titles are interchangeable or if there are two Avengers events in the barrel. Nonetheless, fans will receive the cold, hard facts upon Marvel Studio’s Mega-Panel on Saturday, July 23.

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