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5 Timeless Comic Book Couples With Epic Love Stories

The best couples in comics come in all different shapes, sizes, and powers.

Love is in the air. The sentiment is universal for everyone, even superheroes! Comics have always been a reflection of the world outside our window, and that includes the relationships we hold with one another. In honor of the month of love, why not celebrate some of our favorite comic book couples that represent what love means in both the fantastic worlds they live in and our own? 

There is no end to great and powerful comic book couples; Dick Grayson and Barbra Gordon, Scarlet Witch and Vision, Batman and Catwoman, the list goes on and on. While many couples deserve a spot, these couples were chosen because of the way their relationship reflects the complexity of real love that we can relate to — even if we aren’t superhuman.

5. Hulkling and Wiccan

Art by Jim Cheung of Hulkling and Wiccan at their wedding for the cover of Empyre Aftermath #1 | Agents Of Fandom
Hulkling and Wiccan are a shining example of a healthy relationship. Image credit: Jim Cheung/Marvel Comics.

Both debuting in Young Avengers #1 (2005), Hulkling and Wiccan have become one of Marvel’s most prominent power couples. The pair have been through a lot, from their days as Young Avengers to the recent Empyre event, but through it all, their love and commitment to each other has only grown stronger. Not only are they the first married queer superhero couple in Marvel comics but they are also royalty, as Hulkling currently holds the title of King of Space with Wiccan at his side.

They are a great example of a healthy couple who complement each other in all aspects, especially when throwing superpowers into the mix. Wiccan is the son of the Scarlet Witch, and Hulkling is the prophesied son of the Skrull and Kree. Both are immensely powerful and could destroy the whole Marvel Universe, but together, they can rely on each other and control their powers.

There are a lot of complicated relationships in comics, but Hulkling and Wiccan are a great example of a loving couple with a healthy relationship built on trust, making them one of the best couples in modern comics.

4. Sue Storm and Reed Richards

Art by Alex Ross of Reed Richards and Sue Storm getting married for their 40-year anniversary issue | Agents Of Fandom
While not Marvel’s most picture-perfect couple, Reed and Sue are certainly one of the most iconic. Image credit: Alex Ross/Marvel Comics.

Reed Richards and Sue Storm have had a very tumultuous and complicated relationship in their 60+ year history. Reed is a hard man to be with, and for much of their history, did not treat Sue as an equal. More modern interpretations of the Fantastic Four have helped rectify this by putting Sue in the forefront and on equal footing with Reed, which she always should have been.

While their relationship is far from perfect, they are one of the longest-lasting couples in comics and an excellent example of how relationships in real life don’t have to be perfect — and rarely are! With all their problems, they are still Marvel’s first power couple and have endured through the decades, solidifying their spot on this list.

3. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

Art by Elizabeth Torque of Spider-Man and Mary Jane in a web for the cover of Ultimate Spider-Man #1 2024 | Agents Of Fandom
You hit the jackpot, Tiger. Image credit: Elizabeth Torque/Marvel Comics.

There are few relationships in comics more iconic than Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. First meeting in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #42 (1963), Peter and MJ have been through more than most couples, even super ones. Constantly on and off again, married then not married due to universal mind wiping, and career changes — all things any normal couple could definitely experience!

What makes Peter and MJ so enduring, however, is the unwavering love they share with each other. We love them for the same reasons we love Spider-Man: they are relatable. All couples experience hard times, and maybe even times when it’s better to be apart. Their relationship is a great reflection of the challenges and problems that we all face in relationships, even if we aren’t superheroes.

2. Superman and Lois Lane

Art by Daniel Sampere of Superman and Lois kissing each other in the sky in front of a full moon from Action Comics #1035 | Agents Of Fandom
Clark Kent and Lois Lane take love to the skies. Image credit: Daniel Sampere/DC Comics.

While Peter and MJ may be one of the most iconic comic book couples, Superman and Lois are among the most iconic couples in any medium. Action Comics #1 (1938) marks the beginning of true superhero comics but also the first superhero relationship when the last son of Krypton first met Lois Lane. Beginning as a love triangle between Lois, Clark, and Superman, the two have married, had children, and saved the world a good handful of times.

Superman and Lois’ relationship is so great because of how they complement each other. Superman is the nice farm boy, while Lois is the big city reporter with a big mouth and even bigger wit; the two just gel together perfectly. A pivotal aspect of their relationship is that neither is dependent on the other. Superman is all-powerful, but oftentimes, it’s Lois who is ready to take charge of a situation.

She’s not the girl who always needs to be saved, but the one charging the front lines and is entirely independent on her own without Superman. Their relationship is an excellent example of always being there to support your partner but also allowing your own strengths to shine through as an individual.

1. Mister Miracle and Big Barda

Art by Nick Derington of Mister Miracle and Big Barda waving to a crowd for the cover of Mister Miracle #12 | Agents Of Fandom
Other couples might be more iconic, but none better represent a healthy relationship than Mister Miracle and Big Barda. Image credit: Nick Derington/DC Comics.

There are a lot of iconic and powerful couples mentioned above. Each of them could rightfully be number one, but the best couple in comics goes to Mister Miracle and Big Barda. Created by Jack Kirby for his magnum opus Fourth World story for DC Comics, Mister Miracle and Big Barda may have one of the most ordinary and healthy relationships on this list.

Born on Apokolips, both endured a harsh upbringing marked by relentless training and torture. Despite their bleak circumstances, together, they find something beautiful in one another and are able to escape Apokolips to live out their lives together on Earth.

Mister Miracle and Big Barda’s story is so beautiful because they are perfect counterparts to one another, able to bring out the best in each other to achieve their full potential. Neither of them could have escaped Apokolips or taken on Darkseid alone, but together, there’s nothing that can stop them.

Jack Kirby based Mister Miracle and Big Barda on his own relationship with his wife Roz Goldstein, which is why their love feels so honest and has endured throughout the decades.

Comic Book Couples Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

Art by Alex Ross of Jane Foster Thor and Sam Wilson Captain America kissing in the sky for All-New, All-Different Avengers #4 2015 | Agents Of Fandom
Thor and Captain America take their relationship to new heights. Image Credit: Alex Ross/Marvel Comics.

Love is universal for all of us, even superheroes, and many more great comic book couples deserve to be on this list. The characters’ relationships in these books transform them from just funny comics into works that truly reflect ourselves and the human experience.

While these are just a handful, these comic couples showcase many different forms in which we experience love with one another and how it impacts us all. Whether you are a super-powered being from another world or just an average reporter, love is something we all experience and deserve, and that is something to be celebrated.

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