Ash Burkhardt

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I take pride in calling myself a self-proclaimed horror expert! It's a passion that took root when I was much younger. My journey into the genre began with Nickelodeon's 'Aaahh!!! Real Monsters,' mysteries like 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' and the 'Goosebumps' novels, and TV show. Horror has undoubtedly become an inseparable essence of my life. Spanning from the 1930s Universal Monster films to the iconic slashers of the 80s, and the psychologically intense stories crafted by the likes of Ari Aster, with 'Hereditary' standing as my absolute favorite—and most terrifying for me to watch. Beyond my love for horror, I am just your average movie'nerd and bookworm who loves writing about subjects I find meaningful to me and to countless others. When I'm not penning articles, or have my nose in a book, or mystified by a film, you'll likely find me cuddled up with my two feline companions, sipping on a hot cup of coffee.