Comic Book Pull of the Week: ‘It’s Jeff #1’ Review

The adorable land shark splashes onto the scene with his debut solo title.

Everyone’s favorite land shark is finally the star of his own book. It’s Jeff #1, by Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru, features the adorable land shark’s adventures and tales in a bundle of short stories. This book is perfect for all ages, especially for anyone who just needs a simple smile.

It’s Jeff originated as a Marvel Unlimited digital exclusive. The first season of issues debuted in 2021 on the app, however this marks the first time the series has been printed physically. The book features a slew of mini-stories highlighting Jeff’s hijinks, his normal day-to-day routine, and sometimes just being straight-up adorable.

It’s perfect for everyone, with limited words and text bubbles—it reminds me of Sunday morning funnies in the paper. Gurihiru’s art is simply perfect, as Jeff has never looked better or more adorable. But for many, the question still pops up of whom, or what, Jeff is.

Who is Jeff the land shark?

Jeff is a Kelly Thompson creation, through and through. Though he makes his official debut in West Coast Avengers #7 (2018), Jeff is inspired by a single panel of a concerned land shark attacking in Santa Monica in the very first issue.

 A mildly confused land shark in the background serves as inspiration for Jeff in 'West Coast Avengers #1.' Serving as the longterm inspiration for It's Jeff #1 Image Credit: Stefano Caselli | Agents of Fandom
A very concerned land shark in the background serves as inspiration for Jeff.
Image Credit: Art by Stefano Caselli, colors by Triona Farrell, lettering by Joe Caramagna.

In his debut issue, Gwenpool announces that she has taken in a lost runt from the land sharks and names him Jeffrey (Jeff for short). When that run unfortunately ends, we see Jeff pop-up in Gwenpool’s solo run in 2019.

Then, in Kelly Thompson’s Deadpool (2019) run, Gwenpool hands Jeff off to Wade Wilson— famously stating:

“In order to survive he needs a reliable book… you always have a reliable book. He’ll survive if he stays in your narrative.”

—Gwenpool in Deadpool #1 (2019)

This reason is perfection, as it proves that Jeff will always be with us.

Jeff makes a bounce back after the Deadpool run with the Heroes at Home (2020) digital comic by Gurihiru. In the one shot, they put Jeff in the background of every single story, creating a fun “Where’s Jeff?” challenge for readers. That issue then ignited the internet’s love for Jeff, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jeff isn’t a “main character” per se, but he is adored by fans for his adorable mischievousness. He has the qualities of a cat; but in the end is still an ocean predator with feet. The day we see Jeff in live action, money will print from the heavens. Marvel has a potential “Baby Yoda” on their hands.

If you want more of Jeff’s origin, head to Kelly’s Thompson’s Substack for all the details!

We also chatted with Kelly on the show to discuss Jeff, check it out below!

Kelly Thompson joins the Comic Corner to talk Black Cloak and It’s Jeff!

Is It’s Jeff #1 good for new readers?

It’s Jeff #1 is perfect for anyone to pick up without knowing anything about the character. The stories are simple, cute, and incredibly easy to follow. It’s a great way to introduce new readers to how comic flow works; reading panel to panel in a correct order.

The book also features characters from all over the Marvel Universe. Kate Bishop is Jeff’s primary caretaker in this series, but we also see the likes of Gwenpool, Spider-Man (Peter and Miles), Squirrel Girl, Billy and Hulkling, Doctor Strange, and so many more.

It's Jeff #1 variant cover by Ron Lim It's Jeff #1 | Agents of Fandom
It’s Jeff #1 variant cover by Ron Lim.

Why you should pick up It’s Jeff #1

Comics are meant to bring joy; a nice smile away from our harsh reality. Sometimes it’s great for stories to make us think and reflect on the world around us. It’s Jeff is the Ted Lasso of comics right now. It’s designed to make you feel good, but at the same time will occasionally put Jeff in an uncomfortable situation where he has to grow. Simply put—this is my comfort comic.

I cannot recommend this comic more. It’s not a game changer, it won’t make you question your existence on this planet, but it will put a smile on your face: guaranteed.

Pick it up at your local comic shop!

It’s Jeff #1

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Art: Gurihiru

'It's Jeff #1' Review

'It's Jeff #1' Review
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  • Story
    5.0 rating
    5/5 Amazing
  • Art
    5.0 rating
    5/5 Amazing
  • Enjoyment
    5.0 rating
    5/5 Amazing
Total Score

The Good

  • Perfect art from Gurihiru
  • Adorable stories
  • Puts a smile on your face, guaranteed

The Bad

  • Why haven't you picked this book up yet?! Go! Go do it now!
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