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‘Death and Other Details’ Is the Next Great Murder Mystery

The truth is in the details. Now, pay attention…

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Murder mysteries have been a prevalent genre as of late. From Rian Johnson‘s Knives Out movies to television series like Only Murders in the Building, the “Whodunnit” is all the rage. Death and Other Details capitalizes on the trend beautifully, delivering the next great murder mystery made for television. The series stars Violett Beane as Imogene Scott and Mandy Patinkin as the world’s greatest detective, Rufus Cotesworth. There is a dark truth behind the riches of some of the world’s elite as multiple mysteries intertwine in one setting.

While the story is a traditional locked room mystery, the delivery is completely fresh and unique. The claustrophobia and fear of the characters are taken to the next level as they’re stuck on a cruise in the middle of the ocean. It’s surprisingly sexy, wildly violent, and an exhilarating thrill from start to finish.

‘Death and Other Details’ Review: Nothing Is As It Appears

Mandy Patinkin as Detective Rufus Cotesworth folding his hands together on his desk in 'Death and Other Details' | Agents of Fandom
Mandy Patinkin embodies the mysterious Detective Rufus Cotesworth in Death and Other Details. Image Credit: Disney.

From the first few seconds of the series, nothing is as it seems. The truth is in the details. If viewers want to uncover the mystery, they can’t allow their pre-determined biases to impact their thoughts. These are the lessons Detective Rufus Cotesworth teaches throughout Death and Other Details.

The new Netflix mystery series wonderfully executes the “unreliable narrator” trope throughout the first eight episodes. The second the answers seem clear, new questions emerge making for an incredibly engaging story. Although Death and Other Details juggles two different mysteries throughout, it rarely gets too convoluted.

Flashbacks are prevalent throughout the series as the story bounces back and forth between past and present. They’re imperative to the plot not only to understand the characters but to uncover details that will help the present mystery as well. Imogene and Rufus meet while Imogene is just a child, and their rocky relationship is the beating heart of the entire show.

Violett Beane Steals the Show as Imogene Scott

Violett Beane stuns as Imogen Scott in 'Death and Other Details' | Agents of Fandom
Imogene Scott is ready to prove she’s really the world’s greatest detective. Image Credit: Disney.

Although Mandy Patinkin’s Detective Cotesworth narrates the opening sequence of Death and Other Details, it’s Imogene Scott who becomes the clear protagonist throughout the series. The first episode begins with a young Imogene (Sophia Reid-Gantzert) struggling with the grief of her mother’s murder. These early scenes are crucial as they reveal how special Imogene is and the importance of her relationship with Rupert Cotesworth. Additionally, they hammer home the importance of “details” in the series.

Fast forward 20+ years, it’s Violett Beane’s time to shine as Imogene and she gives an incredible performance. It’s unclear at the beginning why the relationship between Imogene and Rupert Cotesworth has greatly deteriorated. The time jump and constant flashbacks provide increased intrigue to the mystery. Imogene and Rupert are both deeply troubled souls and the way Violett Beane portrays emotion and cunning simultaneously is a treat.

‘Death and Other Details’ Is a Mysterious Triumph

Violett Beane and Lauren Patten as Imogen and Anna as they share a glass of champagne by the pool in 'Death and Other Details'. | Agents of Fandom
Imogene Scott and Anna Collier (Lauren Patten) are ready for their cruise vacation until everything goes wrong. Image Credit: Disney.

While there are times the show is difficult to follow due to the multiple ongoing storylines, Death and Other Details is still a massive success. The story’s comments on classism, capitalism, and greed only enhance the mystery. It’s definitely a series where viewers need to keep their eyes glued to the screen — the details matter. Thankfully, that’s an easy task. The cast of incredible actors and intriguing writing will keep fans coming back each week.

The series will have a two-episode premiere on Hulu in the United States and Disney+ internationally on January 16, 2024. With a captivating plot and a mystery that always changes direction like the wind, Death and Other Details is a must-watch to start the year.

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'Death and Other Details' Review

'Death and Other Details' Review
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4.0 rating
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The Good

  • Gripping mystery that is intriguing from the first episode.
  • Incredibly difficult to predict.
  • Wonderful acting performances by entire cast, highlighted by Violett Beane
  • Very sexy

The Bad

  • Multiple ongoing storylines combined with flashbacks could make it difficult for some viewers to follow along.
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