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Jonathan Majors Set to Star in Another Spike Lee Joint

The latest actor to appear in multiple Spike Lee Joints will be Jonathan Majors, as he is slated to be ‘Da Understudy.’

And the saga continues as Jonathan Majors is slated to star—and produce—another Spike Lee Joint called Da Understudy.

If you saw Lee’s first Netflix project, Da 5 Bloods, featuring a tour de force performance by Delroy Lindo (Malcolm X, Soul of the Game, The Good Fight) and one of Chadwick Boseman‘s last, you may have seen a younger Jonathan Majors in the film as David. And now, he is said to work and collaborate with the seminal director again.

Spike Lee has featured actors on whom he takes a shine. For example, Lindo has starred in four—Malcolm X, Clockers, Da 5 Bloods, and as Woody “What the hell do you think I’m trying to do” Carmichael in Crooklyn. So, for Majors to get another opportunity with Spike is like a chef’s kiss on his blossoming career.

Jonathan Majors is villainous again

Jonathan Majors is set to work with Spike Lee soon in "Da Understudy" | Agents of Fandom
Jonathan Majors is menacing as Damian Anderson in Creed III. Image Credit: Eli Joshua Ade/MGM.

The new project is Da Understudy from Westbrook Studios and Amazon Studios. The collaboration comes as Kang the Conqueror develops and produces the film under his Tall Street Productions. According to a Deadline exclusive, Da Understudy “tells the story of life imitating art when the understudy of a Broadway production finds a role he’s willing to kill for [sic].”

Being the Big Bad is something that Majors excels at on the screen. We have seen his prowess as Kang and He Who Remains, his force as Damian, and his rage in The Harder They Fall. It’s not a difficult suggestion to realize that Majors will probably crush this new role in Da Understudy as well.

And speaking of villains, following this Spike Lee Joint, Majors is set to portray the Bad Boy of Basketball, Dennis Rodman, in Lionsgate’s 48 Hours in Vegas. The movie revolves around the freakish and tumultuous acid trip journey he took during the 1998 NBA Finals. If you saw The Last Dance about the 1990s Bulls….yes, that trip!

Following this news, it looks like Majors’ star will continue into supernova status in this dimension or others.

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