The Deadpool Collection is available at DC Shoes

Marvel and (the Other) DC Launching the Deadpool Collection

Can he kick it? Yes, he can! Marvel Entertainment and DC Shoes launch the anticipated Deadpool Collection nationwide.

If you live long enough, you’ll see some things that make you say, “There’s no way that happened!” Typically, those are the shockers, like if you read this headline and didn’t catch the pun–Marvel and DC partnered to bring us the Deadpool Collection.

Marvel merchandising needs to flush this idea

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Whoa! What? It’s happening! It’s really happening. Yeah, not so much. It’s not that DC.

Marvel has never met a merch marketing opportunity they didn’t like. For example, you can clean up with Hulk toilet paper while smashing something in the bathroom. And, for grins, your toilet paper holder could be Mjolnir.

Seeing Thor merch like this should remind us of the aphorism, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Someone, please give Kevin Feige a holler. That’s just painful.

If you have been to the mall at your local Vans, Zumiez, Hot Topic, Journey’s, or wherever Skate or Scooter kids and the random Emo shops for footwear, you have seen DC Shoes. Aside from having a far better logo than the beloved comic company, this company understands their consumer. They relish the fact of understanding who buys their gear and why.

Yet, another thing the other DC hasn’t quite figured out yet. (David Zaslav, the #ReleaseTheAyerCut crowd is looking at you.) And now that this has dropped nationwide let’s show it off gallery style and make James Gunn aware of some marketing meetings he needs to hold soon.

Time to Suit Up with the Deadpool Collection

Not a part of the Deadpool Collection

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Props to Murt Burner for the Nike Air Force custom job!

It’s not the first time Marvel has marketed their IP for some kicks, but this may be the most effective way they have done it. Partnering with DC Shoes should be more effective than some frozen food companies shilling for chimichangas.

Deadpool: Time Quake available with purchase from DC Shoes

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Source: DC Shoes/Marvel Entertainment

To show these off, DC Shoes made a comic book–what else? Called Deadpool: Time Quake, our favorite Merc with a Mouth is fighting crime against MODOK. So, it’s time to get his kicks in. (Pun intended. You’re welcome.)

Priding themselves on breaking the fourth wall, DC Shoes shares, this collection “not only captures the fun and irreverence of the blockbuster Deadpool films, we also mixed in vintage art from the original comic books.”

From the box art and tissue paper to the chimichanga references, the fine details of the collections are bound to excite casual fans and collectors alike.

DC Shoes News Release, Nov. 4, 2022

Despite the perfunctory grammar issue, these shoes look free of errors. So, allow us to give the brains behind these kicks big props and let the gallery begin. The Deadpool Collection is available nationwide, wherever you find your DC shoes.

Marvel X DC Shoes Team:

  • Josh Kalis
  • Ken Block
  • Danny Way
  • Mike Blabac
  • Wes Kremer
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