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‘Morgan’s Mask’ Review: A Powerful Look at Reality

Morgan’s Mask beautifully examines the difficulties of isolation and how the pandemic amplified the struggle.

Morgan’s Mask starring Valorant and Overwatch‘s Carolina Ravassa is a beautiful, real, and gritty look at mental health and how the pandemic only made things worse. The film explores a cosplayer named Morgan (Carolina Ravassa) who is stuck in a rut, struggling to find her worth while alone in isolation.

It’s an in-depth look inside the life of someone struggling with their mental health who feels like the world is passing them by. Morgan’s Mask is an incredibly artistic film that at times touches on difficult topics such as self-harm and themes of self-worth. While the film gets dark at times, it’s ultimately uplifting—enhanced by incredible performances from Ravassa, Guillermo Iván and Zair Montes. Although Morgan has to pull herself out of some really dark places in the film, it’s a story about following your heart.

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone. However, all struggles aren’t built the same. I consider myself incredibly lucky. When shit hit the fan in 2020, I lived at a home with three of my best friends. Additionally, I had just started dating my (now) wife, and we made the decision to quarantine together.

With another of my roommate’s partners joining the house as well, we were in “isolation” unable to go anywhere; but there were 6 of us under the same roof enjoying each other’s company. Unfortunately, my reality wasn’t a reflection of the rest of the world. The pandemic amplified struggles for people across the globe, especially those struggling with their mental health.

*The following Morgan’s Mask review is spoiler-free*

Morgan’s Mask is relatable regardless of your interests

Zair Montes, Maria Elena Heredia and Carolina Ravassa posing for Morgan's Mask available to rent on April 28th | Agents of Fandom
Zair Montes, Maria Elena Heredia and Carolina Ravassa posing for Morgan’s Mask available to rent on April 28th. Image Source: IMDB.

Although cosplayers, Star Wars fans, and gamers will have plenty of references they’ll enjoy, Morgan’s Mask touches on so many important issues that it’s relatable for everyone. Having said that, the multiple Anakin Skywalker references and gamer lingo really amplified the film for me personally.

While Morgan is a big fan of many nerdy icons with which fans will identify, her main passion is cosplay. While cosplay specifically is something I’ve only dabbled in, the theme of choosing your own personal interests over societal expectations is something that really resonates. However, choosing your passions instead of what your brain is telling you the world expects from you is much easier said than done.

While Morgan’s Mask is filled with geeky Easter eggs, it also deals with some very hard-hitting, difficult themes. The depths of depression can be an incredibly dark place. The film hits on aspects of self-harm and other potentially triggering moments, however, it’s handled with immense care.

Ravassa’s performance in this role provides moments that’ll make you laugh, cry, and delve into serious introspection. The messaging of the film is crucial, with an important lesson taught to Morgan and viewers alike: you can’t help others until you’ve helped yourself. Selflessness is a beautiful trait, however, it cannot come at the expense of self-care.

Agent Jade Rafallo with Carolina Ravassa at the San Francisco FanExpo.

We’ve all had a toxic relationship, regardless of what side of it you’re on. We’ve all struggled with the expectations of others and how they compare to our own expectations of ourselves. Whether it’s your phone, a substance, or anything an individual uses to spike their dopamine, most of us have dealt with some type of addiction. The passion Carolina Ravassa brings to the role of Morgan is truly spectacular.

There are moments in the film that move slowly and are really difficult to watch; but it’s by design. The moments of intense boredom the majority of people felt at times during their respective quarantines were painful. Morgan’s Mask beautifully depicts the rollercoaster of emotions that come with mental health struggles. The darker moments are tough to watch as the tone of the scene intends. These are counteracted wonderfully with hopeful energy brought by Morgan’s sister Elena (Zair Montes) and her brother-in-law Charlie (Guillermo Iván).

Legendary voice actor Troy Baker plays an asshole boyfriend you’ll love to hate. Typically a fan favorite in video games such as The Last of Us, Troy does a phenomenal job in the role of unintentional antagonist. It’s truly difficult to hear The Last of Us’ Joel at all in Morgan’s Mask, a testament to Bakers’ talent.

Although the film’s themes may not be an easy watch for everyone, Morgan’s Mask sets out to be an intimate and artistic look at the life and mental health of one character. This is accomplished with flying colors. The writing and direction from Trevor Rigby are more than solid, while Ravassa and the rest of the cast do a wonderful job of bringing the vision to life. Morgan’s Mask is a must-watch for gamers, cosplayers, and anyone who struggled with their mental health during the pandemic.

Morgan’s Mask starring Carolina Ravassa is available for digital rental on all platforms on April 28.

Overwatch actors Carolina Ravassa, Anjali Bhimani and Chloe Hollings at Fan Expo Edmonton.

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'Morgan's Mask' Review

'Morgan's Mask' Review
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4.0 rating
Total Score

The Good

  • Wonderful performances from Carolina Ravassa and the rest of the cast
  • Fun 'Star Wars' and video game references
  • Intimate look at the pandemic's impact on mental health
  • Positive messaging and great care was clearly used in handling darker moments

The Bad

  • Darker tones and themes may make this a difficult watch for some viewers
  • While they were intended to be this way, certain scenes without much stimulation are difficult to maintain for long periods of time. This however is a personal problem, as I have ADHD.
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