‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review: Family Matters

Sometimes families don’t get along.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 5, “Most Eligible Superman.”

My Adventures With Superman consistently proves it’s one of the top animated series around each and every week. However, the fifth episode is the strongest of the entire series so far. It’s difficult to craft a story where the odds are stacked against one of the most powerful characters in the history of fiction, but the writers of this show are up to the task.

Superman (Jack Quaid) continues to do the best he can to protect Metropolis, but the list of foes mucking up his mission grows by the week. Unfortunately, while Clark Kent hopes his cousin Kara’s arrival on Earth will make him feel less alone, her appearance only makes his life even more difficult. Although the road ahead for Superman is tougher than ever, Kara Zor-El’s (Kiana Madeira) addition to the series is welcome entertainment. Check out all the details in our My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 5 “Most Eligible Superman” recap below!

Lois and Clark Continue To Have Relationship Troubles in ‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2 Episode 5

Perry White squeezes Clark and Lois while demanding they cover a story in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 5 | Agents of Fandom
Clark and Lois are forced to work together on a project despite struggling with their relationship. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

Despite being in a relationship and working in the same office, Clark Kent and Lois Lane (Alice Lee) haven’t had a meaningful conversation in weeks. However, their boss, Perry White (Darrell Brown), forces them to work together without even knowing their troubles. Since they’re the only two reporters Superman will talk to, he assigns them to cover him in an upcoming competition; he has been nominated as one of Metropolis’ Most Eligible Bachelors.

Since the public doesn’t know his true identity, Clark and Lois are forced to go along with the charade. While this isn’t typically something Superman would partake in, he is swayed by the event being a fundraiser for a children’s hospital. To further complicate matters, fellow journalist Cat Grant (Melanie Minichino) is determined to join them and discover Superman’s true identity.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid) begins My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 5 on one of his classic side quests. He is in the midst of torturing himself about how the S.T.A.R. Labs Symposium went, feeling like he let his best friend down. As he may have inspired Lex Luthor (Max Mittelman) to rise up and become a supervillain, Jimmy is now struggling to face Clark. However, as he mopes through the streets, he sees a woman about to get hit by a bus and pushes her out of the way. He doesn’t know it yet, but he just met Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El.

‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2, Episode 5 Finally Introduces Kara Zor-El

Jimmy Olsen meets Kara Zor-El for the first time in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 5 | Agents of Fandom
Jimmy Olsen is immediately infatuated by Kara Zor-El upon meeting her for the first time. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

The two hit it off right off the bat, with Jimmy immediately developing a crush on Kara. He treats her to ice cream, hot dogs and other foods across Metropolis, avoiding his problems while attempting to woo his newfound friend. Kara indulges Jimmy as they tour the city, and he promises to help her find her long-lost cousin when they are finished. Unfortunately for them, the person she’s looking for is the same one that Jimmy is trying to avoid.

Jimmy and Kara eventually venture to meet with Clark at the contest, with Kara still not knowing her cousin will be there. While the day is going incredibly smoothly for Jimmy, Lois is having a much tougher time. She knows keeping her relationship with Superman a secret is the most important priority. However, seeing him flirt with his fellow eligible bachelorettes isn’t easy for her.

Additionally, Cat Grant won’t stop talking her ear off about how only an extraordinary person could ever date Superman, and Lois would never have a chance. Lois and Clark may face world-ending threats weekly, but sometimes, the most terrifying villain can be anxiety. With their recent lack of communication and now seeing Clark alongside these incredible women, Lois struggles to keep her cool in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 5.

Superman Is the Most Eligible Bachelor in Metropolis Whether He Likes It or Not

Superman sits for a contest crowning Metropolis' most eligible bachelor in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 5 | Agents of Fandom
Superman is out of his element, having to describe his perfect woman to all of Metropolis. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

All roads converge at the Most Eligible Bachelor event, and the crowd goes wild for Superman as he answers questions about his love life. Unfortunately, as Jimmy and Kara enter the event, the loud noises overstimulate Kara who still isn’t used to the extent of her powers on Earth. At this point, Jimmy realizes Kara is Kryptonian and Clark is her cousin.

Struggling with the noise, Kara rushes to go meet Superman as the event comes to a conclusion. However, Clark doesn’t realize it’s his cousin and brushes her aside to go console Lois who has sprinted out of the building. Lois finally opens up to Clark about her struggles with the event, her father, and how she has abandonment issues and doesn’t feel worthy of dating him. While this would have been the perfect moment to console her, Clark questions whether she’s breaking up with him in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 5 instead.

Before they are able to sort out their issues, Kara breaks through the doors to confront them, and all hell breaks loose. Fueled by rage due to Clark avoiding her, she belittles him for being a weak Kryoptonian, unable to conquer planet Earth. This is clearly different from Kara, who enjoyed ice cream with Jimmy earlier in the episode, as she dawns not only new armor but a new personality as well.

Kara Zor-El Headlines the Newest Threat to Superman and Metropolis

Superman and an armored Kara Zor-El have a dangerous disagreement | Agents of Fandom
Superman doesn’t want to fight his cousin, but he has no choice. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

Although Clark may have been searching for a friend when he sent the beacon to find his cousin, he should’ve followed Lois’ advice not to call out into space. While most renditions of Kara Zor-El have her landing on Earth and becoming Supergirl, My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 5 introduces her as the newest villain of the series.

However, as she pummels Superman with superior strength and experience, it’s clear something is off with Kara; this isn’t the same person from earlier in the episode. In addition to the fit of rage, she is revealed to be controlled in a Winter Soldier-esque fashion, demanding she comply. While shades of the compassionate Kara attempt to break free, she is being controlled by the notorious Superman villain Brainiac (Michael Emerson).

His devious, genius-level intellect makes Brainiac is one of Superman’s most sinister foes. Now, he joins the fray My Adventures With Superman as well. He pretends to be the voice of Kara’s deceased father, controlling her to do his bidding and making her believe she needs to conquer planet Earth on behalf of Krypton.

“Most Eligible Superman” Is the Best Episode of My Adventures With Superman’ So Far

The villain from the first season returns in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 5 | Agents of Fandom
The mysterious villain teased in the first season is revealed to be Kara Zor-El. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

Unfortunately for the planet Earth, Kara easily dispatches Superman and brings him to Brainiac to conclude the episode. While their battle sequence is epic and entertaining, it spells bad news for Clark and friends for the latter half of the season. Not only is his conversation with Lois unresolved, but one of his greatest foes threatens Earth with the help of his own cousin.

My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 5 follows the recipe for success set forth throughout the entire season and a half to date while also delivering fresh new surprises that take it to the next level. The action is the most intense yet, and the most recent episode sets a new standard of excellence for the rest of the series.

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'My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 5 "Most Eligible Superman" Review

'My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 5 "Most Eligible Superman" Review
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The Good

  • The twist making Kara a villain is brilliant and unexpected.
  • Introducing Brainiac alongside Task Force X and Lex Luthor as threats pits Superman against insurmountable odds.
  • The fight between Kara and Superman is the best action sequence of the series to date.
  • Wonderful, emotional voice acting performances from Jack Quaid and Alice Lee as Clark and Lois.
  • Jimmy Olsen has a crush!!!

The Bad

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