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‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap & Review: Man of Steel Meets Man of Iron

Even Superman needs a little help from his friends.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 3, “Fullmetal Scientist.”

After a wonderful two-part premiere, My Adventures With Superman picks up where it left off with a wonderful third episode. Superman (Jack Quaid), Lois Lane (Alice Lee), and Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid) spend most of the episode apart, but their individual heroics mesh perfectly together anyway. Although Superman is in the middle of danger once again, his struggles as Clark Kent cause more stress for the titular character.

However, despite Clark having difficulty navigating his personal life, he maintains the positive, hopeful attitude necessary for a proper Superman portrayal. The blend of grounded, human issues, mixed with high-paced action and the introduction of new characters, make for the season’s strongest episode yet. Tune in for all the details in our My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 3 recap below.

Lois Lane and Vicki Veil Steal the Show in ‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2, Episode 3

Vicki Veil and Lois Lane staring at each other in My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 3 | Agents of Fandom
Vicki Veil and Lois Lane spark an electric rivalry while trying to learn about Amertek. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

Despite Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s many pressing topics to discuss, they continue to grow further apart, but it’s not exactly either of their faults. Although it would be beneficial to discuss Clark’s desire to find his cousin Kara or that Lois’ dad, General Lane (Joel De La Fuente), is living with him and Jimmy, there unfortunately isn’t time.

Metropolis is the home of chaos all around the city, keeping Superman and journalists very busy. Clark saves a man from a burning building to begin the episode, who is later revealed to be the scientist and father of Cyborg, Silas Stone (Byron Mark Newsome). While Cyborg isn’t known to exist in this universe, Stone is threatened by a villain named Livewire to delete his research after Superman departs, and he complies.

Meanwhile, Lois is eager to prove herself as an up-and-coming journalistic star and finds herself in the crosshairs of Vicki Veil (Andromeda Dunker), Gotham City’s top journalist. They are both covering the launch of tech company Ameritek’s new product, a security force named Metallo. The project promises a safer Metropolis, spearheaded by chief scientist John Irons (Newsome). However, as the two journalists uncover hidden truths about the company, their rivalry is taken to new heights.

Vicki and Lois enter the Ameritek headquarters separately, utilizing completely different means. Vicki uses her credentials to walk in the front door while Lois steals a key and sneaks into the back entrance. However, the two arrive at the same conclusion nearly simultaneously. Chief Scientist John Irons is nowhere to be found, and Amertek’s lab is in rubble after an explosion.

Clark Kent Meets John Irons in ‘My Adventures With Superman’ Season 2, Episode 3

John Irons teams up with Superman to stop Metallo in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 3 | Agents of Fandom
For the first time, John Irons dawns his suit as Steel to aid Superman against Metallo. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

As per usual, the third member of the trio, Jimmy Olsen, is busy partaking in what always appears as a side quest for comedic relief. However, as My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 3 progresses, Jimmy again plays an important role in saving the day. Despite initially shutting down the idea, Jimmy eventually warms up his 11-year-old intern Flip (Azuri Hardy-Jones), helping him with a story.

Although they were all investigating separately, Jimmy, Clark, and Lois all wind up at the home of Flip’s uncle, John Irons, to figure out what is going on with Amertek. Irons reveals the company is trying to silence him for refusing to unveil the Metallo project to the public, as their fusion cores aren’t stable. Silas Stone was already attacked for what he knew, and Irons would be next.

They have to stop Amertek before it’s too late, as the Metallo robots could cause an explosion that destroys Metropolis. Before they can take their story to their boss, Livewire reappears and destroys the evidence. Superman and John Irons head to Amertek headquarters to stop them before it’s too late. However, they are greeted by an army of Metallo suits ready for battle.

After an action-packed sequence of Superman getting his butt kicked by Metallo robots, John Irons puts on a suit of his own to save the day. He becomes the superhero Steel, an ally of Superman. Thankfully, Jimmy and Flip distract the robots long enough for Steel and Superman to begin disarming the energy core in My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 3.

Jimmy Olsen Saves the Day in the Latest ‘My Adventures With Superman’ Installment, “Fullmetal Scientist”

Jimmy Olsen, Flip, Lois Lane and Vicki Veil help Superman against Amertek in My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Episode 3 | Agents of Fandom
Jimmy Olsen summons the Flamebirds to help Superman’s battle against Metallo. Image Credit: Adult Swim/Warner Bros.

Now that they’re evenly matched against the Metallo bots, Clark must find a way to subdue the soon-to-explode energy core. When he’s dealing with the bomb, Superman exudes a brand-new power, able to contain the blast and himself in a glowing force field. Although his wide array of powers is impressive, Superman needs the help of his friends to save the day. Amid the chaos, Lois breaks the news of what happened in an article shortly before Vicki Veil, en route to winning their challenge. To Lois’ surprise, Vicki offers her a job and compliments her talent, though Lois declines.

Unfortunately, things take a dark turn just as it seems all is well. Lex Luthor arrives at Amertek, announcing he has purchased the company and now owns all the leftover Metallo robots. He takes them back to Amanda Waller, where the new tech will become the latest tool in Task Force X’s toolbox.

Despite having more allies on his side than ever, it’s a tough road ahead for Superman. My Adventures With Superman Season 2, Episode 3 perfectly balances the impending doom with a hopeful feel and exciting action sequences. The fast pace makes the episode feel incredibly short, but it’s an enjoyable ride from start to finish that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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'My Adventures With Superman' Season 2, Episode 3 Review

'My Adventures With Superman' Season 2, Episode 3 Review
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4.5 rating
Total Score

The Good

  • The action is exciting with new mysterious powers for Superman.
  • Steel is a surprising and fun new addition to the universe.
  • Silas Stone appearing and conversing about his son who will become Cyborg is a great Easter egg.
  • Lois Lane shines as the most exciting character in the episode.
  • Jimmy Olsen's B plots continue to enhance the comedy and cohesion of the series.

The Bad

  • Although exciting, the fast pace makes the episode feel short, leaving room for more dialogue.
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