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Nock: The RiotVerse Expands to Street Level

The newest instalment into The Riotverse is coming soon, as writer Adam Barnhardt details the upcoming comic Nock with the Agents of Fandom.

Adam Barnhardt’s comic world expands with its latest edition Nock. The new book will be set in the RiotVerse. Titles in the universe consist of previous editions Sh*tshow and MoonSpawn: Defenders of the Dark. The upcoming comic Nock will add a whole new ground-level layer that this world has been screaming for from the previous stories.

Nock Enters The Riotverse

Nock Cover Page - Agents of Fandom

Nock tells the story of the appropriately named titular character, John Nock. The adventure follows an underappreciated archer on a team of legit superheroes. Often the laughingstock, John’s history of learning when and when not to be front and center leads to the turning point of his story. The archer learns when to shoot his shot.

Now, as somebody who is a major Hawkeye fan, (seriously the amount of paraphernalia I own of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop is absurd), this story piqued my interest. An archer… on a team where he is under-appreciated? Well, Mr. Barnhardt… sign me up! However, John Nock is not Clint Barton. He is not Kate Bishop and he is not Oliver Queen. A brand new hero and totally his own character, John Nock is John Nock. The archer is serious, ambitious and frankly just wants to be respected. So much so, that he just may find himself drowning in the hot water ahead. 

Adam Barnhardt Friend of the Pod

Nock is a story that has long found itself consuming my thoughts, and I’m happy to finally bring it to life with a wonderful team of collaborators,” Barnhardt says. “It’s a deeply personal story that echoes the tale of Icarus and the dangers of stopping at nothing for fame and notoriety.”

Barnhardt writes the series and is joined by artist Nicolas Santos, colorist Viviana di Chiara, and letterer Neil Allen Moherman.

“It is a pleasure being a part of this project. Adam brings in a great script and comes with an open mind,” Santos adds. “That allows the art team to shine through the pages, learning with each other and evolving from page to page. What we have here is not a simple comic book, but a passion project.”

Panel from Nock - Agents of Fandom

Nock is Coming – Don’t miss Out!

The series will set sail for pre-order in January, with a four-issue mini-series that will be published quarterly. Nock will be available through both traditional retailers and directly to the readers themselves with the debut issue hitting shelves in March. 

Orders take place in the months of January (#1), April (#2), July (#3), and October (#4). The issues will be physically and digitally available in March, June, September, and December, respectively.

To find your local comic shop, visit Pre-order Nock at an LCS near you. 

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