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‘Tales of the Empire’ Episode 2 Recap & Review: Morgan Elsbeth Struggles To Find Her Path

The journey for revenge is a dark and lonely road for Morgan Elsbeth.

Warning: The below contains spoilers for Star Wars: Tales of the Empire Episode 2.

After detailing the destruction of Dathomir in the first short, Star Wars: Tales of the Empire Episode 2 follows Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto) picking up the pieces and starting a new life. After an action-packed last episode, the series slows down the pace and sheds light on Elsbeth’s technological and tactical genius.

While Morgan struggles to find her new path, she lands on the planet Corvus, where she was previously introduced in The Mandalorian. Although the previous episode, “Path of Fear,” benefited from exploring the history of the mysterious planet Dathomir, the second installment keeps the excitement high with appearances from fan-favorite characters. Catch all the exciting cameos and more in our Tales of the Empire Episode 2, “Path of Anger,” recap below.

Morgan Elsbeth Colonizes Corvus in ‘Tales of the Empire’ Episode 2

Similar to her time on Dathomir, Morgan once again finds herself leading a group of people into peril. Although her charismatic personality allows her to appear as a strong leader, her affinity to the Dark Side of the Force leaves pain and suffering to those stuck in her way. Unfortunately, she doesn’t learn from her mistakes from the massacre of Dathomir’s mountain clan and she leads the citizens of Corvus into the hands of the empire.

Morgan brings a set of her designs to a group of imperial officers, most of whom only want to exploit her planet’s resources. However, Gilad Pellaeon (Xander Berkeley) is in attendance and takes an interest in Morgan’s intellect. Pellaeon is under the direction of a young Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen), who now has Morgan Elsbeth on his radar. Unfortunately, Morgan returns home to Corvus empty-handed in Tales of the Empire Episode 2, leaving the citizens of the planet ready to revolt.

The Dangerous Rukh Makes His Return To Test Morgan Elsbeth

Star Wars: Rebels character Rukh attacks troopers on Lothal | Agents of Fandom
Before Grand Admiral Thrawn can recruit Morgan Elsbeth, he asks Rukh, one of his most trusted allies, to test her skills. Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+.

Upon her return to Corvus, Morgan is renounced as the planet’s magistrate and is attacked when she refuses. While she easily dispatches anyone standing in her way, she meets her match when she is attacked by an assassin named Rukh (Warwick Davis).

Rukh was previously introduced as a close ally to Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels. As a skilled fighter, he provides a heavy challenge for Morgan Elsbeth in combat. However, after an incredibly animated action sequence, Morgan finally takes down Rukh and is again greeted by Gilad Pellaeon. He reveals that the fight with Rukh was a test, and she passed. Pellaeon introduces Morgan to Admiral Thrawn for the first time, and a powerful alliance is born.

Admiral Thrawn Recruits Morgan Elsbeth to the Empire in ‘Tales of the Empire’ Episode 2

A younger Admiral Thrawn recurits Morgan Elsbeth to his cause in Tales of the Jedi Episode 2 | Agents of Fandom
Admiral Thrawn and Morgan Elsbeth meet face-to-face for the first time on Corvus. Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+.

Despite only being at the beginning of his journey with the Empire, Thrawn is as sinister as ever. He asks Morgan what she would like from their potential partnership, and she admits she seeks revenge. Additionally, she reveals she would like to rebuild the Dathomirian culture she lost in her planet’s destruction.

Thrawn is known for his interest in and respect for other cultures, so he immediately affirms a partnership between himself and Morgan. Prior to Tales of the Empire Episode 2, it was a mystery how the two began working together in Ahsoka.

“Path of Anger” provides an exciting and valuable perspective on the origin of the dangerous duo of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Morgan Elsbeth. The two are set to plague the Star Wars universe, and Tales of the Empire is a great introduction to their story.

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'Star Wars: Tales of the Empire' Episode 2 "Path of Anger" Review

'Star Wars: Tales of the Empire' Episode 2 "Path of Anger" Review
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The Good

  • Appearances of Rukh and Thrawn make exciting connections to 'Star Wars: Rebels' and 'Ahsoka'.
  • Intriguing backstory to how Morgan Elsbeth wound up on Corvus.
  • Diana Lee Inosanto gives an emotional and powerful performance as Morgan Elsbeth.
  • Anytime Thrawn appears...I'm in. The best antagonist in Star Wars.

The Bad

  • Nightsister magick is one of the most exciting, relatively unexplored corners in Star Wars but was far more prevalent in Episode 1.
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