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‘The Bad Batch’ Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review: Omega Plans a Jailbreak

The most formidable clones in in the galaxy are back for one final adventure!

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 1.

The first piece of Star Wars in 2024 has arrived and The Bad Batch Season 3 has officially premiered on Disney+. The first three episodes of Dave Filoni‘s series are now available to stream, and the following 12 will air weekly until the series finale on May 1. It has been confirmed in official trailers and at Star Wars Celebration that Season 3 will conclude this chapter of the story for Clone Force 99.

The first episode in The Bad Batch Season 3 premiere is similar to what other Star Wars properties, such as The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, have done in the past. The show provides a check-in with several characters who are now in dangerously unfamiliar situations while leaving a trail of clues for exciting details that will pan out in the future. We’ve got you covered with all the details in our Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 1 recap and review.

Dr. Royce Hemlock Continues His Ruthless Reign in ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 3, Episode 1

Dr. Royce Hemlock surrounded by two clone troopers in The Bad Batch season 3 | Agents of Fandom
Dr. Royce Hemlock returns with all his menacing ferocity in The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 1. Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+.

The first episode in Season 3 opens with a ship, shuttle 135, arriving at Tantiss base. Before the ship can safely land, lightning strikes and it’s forced to crash-land in the woods. However, Dr. Royce Hemlock (Jimmi Simpson) opts not to launch a rescue mission, believing the monsters of the forest have already killed them.

Back inside the base, Emerie (Keisha Castle-Hughes) collects Omega (Michelle Ang) from her room and she bumps into Crosshair (Dee Bradley Baker) on the way to the lab. Emerie then takes a blood sample from Omega and sends her to see Nala Se (Gwendoline Yeo) to complete the rest of her tasks. Once she arrives, Nala Se is stunned to see Omega’s blood sample and discards it immediately.

Nala Se reveals that the Empire seeks to reproduce a genetic M-count (midi-chlorian), but thus far their experiments have failed. Dr. Hemlock collects Nala Se from the lab and takes her back to the vault. She assures Omega that everything is okay, and reminds her to continue with her chores as planned. Omega then heads down to the animal holding facility to feed the Lurca hounds.

Omega and Crosshair Cannot Agree on an Escape Plan

Omega sitting beside Crosshair who is strapped to a table in The Bad Batch season 3 | Agents of Fandom
There are obvious remains of distrust in Omega and Crosshair’s relationship, but they work through it together in The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 1. Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+.

After feeding the Lurca hounds and forming a relationship with one she calls Batcher, Omega visits Crosshair in the detention facility. She tries to convince him to form an escape plan, but he tells her it’s hopeless and that she should give up. Omega heads back to her room, and a sizable time jump appears to take place. Back in the animal pens, she discovers a gash in Batcher’s leg, a wound from her shift on the nightly patrol.

Omega cleans Batcher’s wounds and once again visits Crosshair in the detention center, where he reminds her to forget about him and Batcher and focus on herself. Crosshair tells Omega he would happily discard her from his memory if it meant he could escape, but she doesn’t believe him. Several hours later, Emerie subjects Omega’s room to a surprise inspection, where she finds her straw doll and disposes of it.

Dr. Hemlock threatens Omega’s safety in a conversation with Nala Se and leaves Tantiss base to visit Emperor Palpatine. Down in the animal pens, the robot K-9X1 tells Omega that they are going to terminate Batcher. The two get into a scuffle and Omega dispatches of K-9 and sets Batcher free into the wild. Dr. Hemlock catches Omega in the act, restricts her access, and warns her of his plans to torture Crosshair. At the episode’s end, Emerie brings Omega her previously confiscated toy, signaling a turn in her motivations.

Star Wars Is Off to a Hot Start With ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 3, Episode 1

A still of Hunter staring with a burning gaze in The Bad Batch season 3 | Agents of Fandom
The leader of Clone Force 99, Hunter, doesn’t make an official appearance in The Bad Batch Season 3, Episode 1, but his presence will surely be felt soon. Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney+.

The first third of the premiere is an excellent start to a highly anticipated season. Animation provides the Star Wars franchise with such a unique opportunity for more stories, and Lucasfilm has learned how to fully utilize it to maximum potential. As the final season kicks into full gear, the concluding adventures of Clone Force 99 are sure to provide all the thrills and satisfaction necessary to wrap up this story.

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'The Bad Batch' Season 3, Episode 1 "Confined" Review

'The Bad Batch' Season 3, Episode 1 "Confined" Review
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4.5 rating
Total Score

The Good

  • The same beautiful animation style dominates the screen.
  • Omega continues to come into her own as a strong and compelling character.
  • Season premiere drops small seeds that will surely blossom into larger plot points later.

The Bad

  • The shocking time jump comes as a bit of a jolt.
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