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Big Brother 24: Lee Swift’s Updated Rankings

Lee Swift, finalist on Netflix’s The Circle, updates his predictions and rankings on the cast of Big Brother 24 after the second episode.

We got a better look at the dynamics between the 16 cast members of the Big Brother 24 house as alliances begin to form.

Honestly, after episode 2 I am still confused about the status of Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany being chosen by Pooch to get backstage passes. They can’t be nominated but can be evicted? What? Does that mean they are open to a backdoor move or something else? Will one of them have to be a third nominee? I guess we’ll find out soon.

In addition, America gets to make one of them safe in Big Brother 24. Who will it be? It seemed Paloma got the most airtime, though I believe she’s playing really hard and that may catch up with her before too long. Episode 2 gave us some answers but left us with even more questions.

Big Brother 24 Updated Ranking

Big Brother 24

16. Michael (was 5, down 11) BIGGEST DECLINE

He’s nominated for the first Big Brother 24 eviction and Daniel’s (HOH) target. Daniel doesn’t want another super fan like Michael in the house. If Michael can survive this by winning the veto or convincing enough houseguests to go against Daniel’s wishes, he will be a major threat.

15. Tarrence (was 10, down 5)

Also nominated for eviction in episode 2 by Daniel, though just a pawn. He needs to step up his social game, IMHO.

14. Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany (was 16, up 2)

Episode 2 has them in another 3-way tie for me since we still don’t fully know what their backstage passes mean for eviction. Whoever of the three gets America’s vote will rise up, but will also likely have a target on their back if the other houseguests learn how they were saved.

11. Pooch (was 13, up 2)

I really like his vibe so far, but he didn’t get a lot of screen time in the last episode. I’ll be watching to see how his game develops.

Big Brother 24 – The Mid Tier

10. Turner (was 6, down 4)

This move down is only because he didn’t get much airtime besides mentioning he makes designer rugs in the meet and greet on the sofas. We’ll see how he does in weeks to come.

9. Kyle (was 8, down 1)

I liked when he shared about being sheltered as a kid in his religious family. It seems he’s aligning with the guys, but I believe for him to really move up in power he’ll need to pull in at least one of the girls. Can you say Big Brother 24 “Showmance?” I can imagine him with Alyssa or Indy.

8. Taylor (was 12, up 4)

Despite what I believe was a misstep in play, Taylor is bonding with the guys. If she can pull in Monte for a duo, she will go far.

7. Jasmine (was 11, up 4)

Just a gut feeling and being in episode 2’s “Girls-Girls” alliance, if it can hold.

6. Indy (was 6, no change)

She held her spot with her “I want to become a sex therapist” comment. Did you see all the straight guys’ eyes go wide? Indy may have won episode 2.

5. Joseph (was 3, down 2)

I still like him, but others really shined in episode 2. I want to see him join or form an alliance soon.

The Top Tier

Ticket 2 Reality

4. Monte (was 2, down 2)

Same thinking I have for Joseph. The top three really shined this episode IMHO. He gets a leg up in Big Brother 24 because I believe he and Taylor might become the first romantic duo in the game.

3. Nicole (was 4, up 1)

Being in the “Road Rats” with Daniel (HOH) gives her so much power in Big Brother 24. She’ll need to build other connections quickly, since the “Girls-Girls” are placing her on the outside of their alliance.

2. Ameerah (was 7, up 5) BIGGEST GAIN

Her gameplay in episode 2 was on point. She was able to get Daniel (HOH) looking at the four volunteers for have-nots – Michael, Monte, Kyle, and Joseph in a negative light. She’s got power in the “Girls-Girls” as well as connections with others. I’ll be watching her.

  1. Daniel

He is still my early favorite to win Big Brother 24. I like his gameplay, and he’s a super fan. Please give him a cape and I’m all in.

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