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‘Dark Matter’ Episode 8 Recap & Review: Jason Finally Reunites With Daniela

What happens when Jason’s biggest obstacle is himself?

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Dark Matter Episode 8, “Jupiter.”

Apple TV+’s latest sci-fi show continues its run of strong television as the series winds down. Dark Matter Episode 8 is now streaming on Apple TV+ and features thrilling deviations and iconic moments from Blake Crouch‘s novel.

The series effortlessly blends new elements while also staying true to the most integral parts of the story. Like every other Dark Matter episode, the eighth installment consists of one important detail after another — make sure you caught all of them in our Dark Matter Episode 8, “Jupiter,” recap.

Jason 2 Gets Jumped Behind the House in ‘Dark Matter’ Episode 8

Joel Edgerton as Jason Dessen lying ion the ground with blood pooling up behind his head in Dark Matter Episode 8 | Agents of Fandom
Jason 2 has reached the level of desperation that requires him to kill other versions of himself. Image Credit: Apple TV+.

Dark Matter Episode 8 opens with Charlie (Oakes Fegley) sitting at the counter drawing. Jason (Joel Edgerton) comes downstairs and asks where Daniela (Jennifer Connelly) is, and he says she went to Ryan’s (Jimmi Simpson). Charlie asks for a late night deep-dish and Jason says he’s speaking his language. Jason then takes the garbage out behind the house and gets jumped by another Jason in the alley.

He narrowly fights him off and bashes his head into the concrete, killing him as blood pours out of the back of his skull. At Ryan’s house, Daniela walks in and Ryan is sitting by the toilet puking. Ryan says he only knows Daniela because of her Honda Civic which she burns through brake pads quickly. She asks Ryan if he really thinks he’s a mechanic, and he says he is. Now on the couch, she asks Ryan the last thing he remembers, and he says being at his bar, Shakers, in Logan Square.

He says this guy (Jason) kept buying him shots but when Daniela shows him his picture, he doesn’t know who he is. Daniela gives Mindy (Tiff Abreumaeve) the number of a mental health care center and leaves. Jason 1 checks into a hotel and lays his knife on the bed before walking into the hotel hallway and running into another Jason. They lock eyes and each go in opposite directions as Jason 1 walks back out to the street and notices another Jason is following him.

Jason Talks to Another Version of Himself at the Village Tap

Joel Edgerton as Jason Dessen sitting across from himself in Dark Matter Episode 8 | Agents of Fandom
Joel Edgerton puts on an outstanding performance portraying multiple versions of the same character. Image Credit: Apple TV+.

Back at home, Dark Matter Episode 8 continues with Jason 2 in the garage covering the body of the Jason he just killed. Charlie walks in, tells him the pizza is here, and asks if he wants any help, but Jason says no and to go back inside. In the city, Jason 1 continues walking with the other Jason tailing him. Jason 1 walks into Village Tap, gets a drink from Matt (William Smillie), and looks in the corner to see another Jason sitting in a booth drinking.

Jason 1 walks over to the booth and sits across from him, and they cheers their glasses. They realize they were the exact same person until recently, but they both made the right choices to make it home. The other Jason says he lost his Amanda (Alice Braga) in a “very dark world,” and Jason 1 says his Amanda found a world where she wanted to stay. Neither Jason has any ampoules left, and the other Jason says they should kill Jason 2.

Jason 1 says “We don’t have a gun,” and the other Jason corrects him by saying “You don’t have a gun.” The other Jason says one of them tried to kill him last night, and he doesn’t want to hurt any Jason like them, but he won’t let anyone get in the way of him being with Daniela and Charlie. The other Jason pays for the beers and they both leave, but not together. Back at home, both Jason 2 and Daniela lie in bed restless.

‘Dark Matter’ Episode 8 Has the Iconic Diner/Cigar Scene

Joel Edgerton as Jason sitting in a diner smoking a cigar in Dark Matter Episode 8 | Agents of Fandom
To see the diner/cigar scene play out one-for-one is a gift to fans of Crouch’s novel. Image Credit: Apple TV+.

The camera cuts to Jason 1 sleeping outside on a bench, and he wakes up. He then goes to a small diner and finishes his breakfast before pulling out a cigar from his pocket. He lights up the cigar and begins smoking it and a woman behind him asks him to put it out. The waitress also asks him to put it out, but he refuses so she goes and gets the manager. The manager tells Jason he can’t smoke inside, so he asks the entire restaurant if his cigar is disturbing people.

They all say yes, but he continues smoking anyway. This world’s version of Dawn (Marquita Brooks), who is a police officer, walks in and arrests Jason for disturbing the peace. At home, Jason 2 is brushing his teeth and Daniela asks him to take Charlie to school. She offers to take the Civic, but he insists on taking it (because the other Jason’s body is in the trunk). Jason asks how was Ryan when she went to visit, and she says not good.

Charlie reminds Jason he promised he’d take him for a tour of the University of Chicago, so he lets him skip school and takes him to campus. They walk around and make awkward small talk until Jason sees another version of himself across the courtyard coming towards them. Meanwhile, Daniela goes back to the storage unit, uses bolt cutters to get in, and finds another phone with pictures of their family, bags of strange-looking cash, and more ampoules.

Jason 2 Kills Another Version of Himself

Jason 2 lying on the floor with another Jason he just killed on top of him in Dark Matter Episode 8 | Agents of Fandom
After killing two other Jasons in a day, Jason 2 has to know he can’t keep up this ruse much longer. Image credit: Apple TV+.

Dark Matter Episode 8 continues when Daniela, still in the storage garage, sees a mechanic uniform with Ryan’s name on it. Her phone rings and it’s from a no-caller ID number. On campus, Jason 2 walks Charlie through the library, and he turns to see the other Jason (who has a scarred face) is still chasing them. Jason tells Charlie to take the car and meet him at the South Gate on the corner of South University and 57th Street.

Charlie goes to the car and Jason runs upstairs through a less crowded library area. Jason 2 slams his pursuer through the door into a campus bathroom and attacks him, and the scarred Jason pulls out a knife and attacks back. Jason 2 chokes the other Jason to death and drags his body into a stall. Meanwhile, Charlie parks the car and a police officer pulls up behind him with his lights on.

The officer asks Charlie for his license and registration, and Jason comes running out just in time and convinces the officer not to give him a ticket. The camera cuts to the police station, where Jason walks out and sees his actual wife Daniela for the first time since Episode 1. She tells Jason she’s done with the lies, and he says the last time he saw her was the night of Ryan’s celebration at the Village Tap.

Daniela Can’t Believe What Jason Is Telling Her in ‘Dark Matter’ Episode 8

Jennifer Connelly as Daniela Dessen starring at Jason in shock in Dark Matter Episode 8 | Agents of Fandom
Like any reasonable person, Daniela doesn’t know how to respond when her husband answers the phone, despite the fact he’s standing right in front of her. Image Credit: Apple TV+.

Jason explains the box, multiverse, and alternate versions of himself, but Daniela doesn’t believe him. He convinces Daniela to call Jason 2, so she does, and is shocked when he answers. Jason 1 asks her to call him back and say she wants to go back to the Keys this Christmas, but Daniela says they didn’t go to the Keys. Jason knows this, but he wants to catch Jason 2 in a lie because he wasn’t here so he doesn’t know.

She calls him back and mentions it, and Jason is right; he says he’d love to go back this year. Jason 2 asks Daniela to come home and says he’ll explain why when she gets there. Daniela doesn’t understand how this is possible, but Jason says there are even more versions of him here in this world as well. Daniela says to meet at The Bean and to use the safe word “Jupiter.” She gets home and tries to call/text Charlie, but he isn’t answering his phone.

Daniela goes inside to get Charlie, and Jason is packing a bag to leave. He tells Daniela they’re in a bit of trouble, but he’ll explain later. He apologizes if he scared her and says she needs to pack a suitcase now. She texts Charlie to meet her outside and asks Jason to help her get a suitcase from the basement. She pushes him down the steps when he walks in front of her and runs out of the house, locking the door behind her and getting in the car with Charlie.

‘Dark Matter’ Episode 8 Ending Explained: Jason Is Back With Charlie and Daniela

A close up of Jason hugging Charlie in Dark Matter Episode 8 | Agents of Fandom
As happy as Jason was to see Daniela earlier in the episode, he breaks down when he finally sees Charlie. Image Credit: Apple TV+.

Daniela and Charlie get to the end of the alley and another car cuts them off and Jason gets out. They get in Jason’s car, and she realizes this isn’t the Jason she met at the police station because he starts explaining the situation again. They drive into an intersection, get T-boned by another Jason, and get out of the car. The pair run down the street and meet Jason at The Bean, where he delivers the safe word “Jupiter” and they’re reunited.

Dark Matter Episode 8 ends with Jason reunited with his family, but on the run due to other Jasons pursuing them. All these other Jasons think they have a right to Daniela, as they all experience the kidnapping and just become different versions inside the box. Although Jason is back with his family, his problems are far from over, and he has to figure out how to keep Daniela and Charlie safe while getting rid of all the other versions of him.

The penultimate episode of Dark Matter is one of the strongest in the series, featuring iconic moments, like the diner scene with the cigar, that are perfectly adapted from the book. There are also changes such as Jason 2 having to fight off and kill other versions, and Dawn being the officer to arrest him in the diner. With only one episode remaining, Dark Matter fans are in for a treat to see how the series will conclude.

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'Dark Matter' Episode 8 "Jupiter" Review

'Dark Matter' Episode 8 "Jupiter" Review
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The Good

  • Joel Edgerton is phenomenal playing countless versions of Jason.
  • Jennifer Connelly puts on a show coming to terms with everything that's happening.
  • The show navigates multiple versions of the same person to perfection.

The Bad

  • Dawn coming in to arrest Jason feels a little too convenient.
  • It can be confusing to follow which Jason is doing what.
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