Devery Jacobs Reveals the MCU Characters She Wants Kahhori To Team Up With

Kahhori voice actor Devery Jacobs has some fun MCU team ups in mind for her character.

The latest Marvel Studios series Echo is now streaming on Disney+. It’s been a huge past month for Devery Jacobs who not only plays Bonnie in Echo but also stars in What If…? as Kahhori, a brand new original superhero.

Since the beginning of her career, Jacobs has been a champion of representation for Native Americans and Indigenous Canadians in TV and film. The Reservation Dogs star has continued this trend through her Echo press tour. With great power must also come great responsibility, and Devery Jacobs has been using her platform as a newly established MCU star to become a real-life superhero.

Jacobs caught up with Agents of Fandom at the Canadian premiere and red carpet event for Echo in Toronto. She spoke about the importance of representation as well as who she’d like to see her character Kahhori team up with in future MCU projects.

The MCU Is Helping To Bring Greater Indigenous Representation in Media

Devery Jacobs stuns on the 'Echo' red carpet in Toronto. | Agents of Fandom
Devery Jacobs discusses Kahhori and the importance of representation on the Echo red carpet in Toronto. Image Credit: Disney Studios Canada/George Pimentel Photography.

Native American stories are finally being told in the MCU. With Kahhori being introduced in What If…? and Echo now streaming on Disney+ and Hulu, Devery Jacobs is at the center of it all. She discussed how these types of projects weren’t accessible for her growing up and how thankful she is they now exist.

“For me, there’s something about seeing stories from your own community or culture. It makes you feel like anything is possible.”

-Devery Jacobs on her character Kahhori and Alaqua Cox’s Echo in the MCU.

Kahhori’s Future If Left To Devery Jacobs

Kahhori reaches out with a glowing hand and eyes in What If...? Season 2 | Agents of Fandom
Audiences have barely scratched the surface of how powerful Kahhori is. Image Credit: Marvel Studios/Disney+.

Additionally, Devery revealed who she would like to see Kahhori team up with in future Marvel Studios projects. The character has already paired up to save the multiverse with Hayley Atwell‘s Captain Carter. However, since Kahhori’s debut in the MCU was so well received, fans are hoping for more team-ups in the future.

Devery Jacobs shares this sentiment, as she also would love to further the character’s legacy. Whether it’s in live-action or another animated project, Jacobs would be down for both. There’s no shortage of options with multiple MCU characters Devery Jacobs wants to see team up with Kahhori.

“There are so many people out there! I’m running them all off. I want to see her teamed up with Captain Carter again. I want to see her team up with Maya Lopez. I want to see her teamed up with Black Panther. I want to see her teamed up with Black Widow. It’s like picking your favorite child… I can’t do it!”

-Devery Jacobs on who she would like to see Kahhori team up with in the MCU.

It remains to be seen if Marvel Studios will continue to develop more projects with Kahhori. However, What If…? Season 3 has already been announced. Besides, there are endless possibilities in the multiverse.

Check out the full interview with Devery Jacobs below and stay tuned to the Agents of Fandom for all things Marvel.

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