A close up still of Mark Grayson with a battered right eye covered in blood in the Invincible Season 2 finale

‘Invincible’ Season 2 Finale Recap & Review: Mark Goes Full Omni-Man

Mark meets all manner of heroes in the epic conclusion to Season 2.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Invincible Season 2 Finale.

The Invincible Season 2 finale is now streaming on Prime Video, and it lives up to the mantle as a satisfying conclusion to this chapter of Mark’s (Steven Yeun) story. After the majority of the season focused on Mark’s personal life and the inevitable war against Viltrum, Angstrom Levy (Sterling K. Brown) loomed over the story and finally decided to strike in the last installment. Brown is one of the many cast members to give compelling and resonant voice performances; although his role is short, that doesn’t make it any less terrifying.

It was unclear heading into the Invincible Season 2 finale whether the episode would kick off the incoming war, or focus on Angstrom and delay the conflict until next season. Episode 8 makes the smart choice to keep the story centered around the multiversal madman, but it does feel a bit anti-climactic knowing the grand scale of what’s coming. The finale is important for both the future and the current story, so make sure you didn’t miss any details with our Invincible Season 2 finale recap.

Angstrom Levy Shows Mark an Evil Invincible Variant in the ‘Invincible’ Season 2 Finale

A close up still of an evil Mark Grayson with black eye goggles in the Invincible Season 2 finale | Agents of Fandom
Angstrom can show Mark infinite versions of himself, some similar to him and others pure evil. Image Credit: Prime Video.

At the beginning of the episode, Nolan (J.K. Simmons) is fighting in a training simulation on the Viltrumite prison ship. General Kregg (Clancy Brown) deems that he’s passed inspection and is ready for execution. When Mark arrives home, Angstrom Levy stands behind his mother Debbie (Sandra Oh), ready to snap her neck. Mark doesn’t remember Angstrom, but he blames Mark for the accident that gave him his powers.

Mark tries to attack Angstrom, but he opens a portal and sends him to another dimension with talking dinosaurs. Before they’re able to eat him, Angstrom teleports him right back. Mark attempts another attack, but Angstrom sends him to another dimension where he encounters someone who looks like Spider-Man fighting a Doc Ock-esque figure. When he gets home, Mark tells Angstrom that he tried to save him during the accident, but Angstrom doesn’t believe him.

Angstrom sends Mark away again to an unknown universe, and while he’s gone, he has visions of all the evil Marks he’s encountered throughout the multiverse that hunted and killed his family. Mark offers Angstrom a chance to kill him if he lets Debbie and Oliver go but the Levy tricks him into going through another portal to a universe that is a nod to Robert Kirkman‘s Walking Dead universe. Back at Mark’s house, Debbie stands up to Angstrom and forces him to take responsibility, but he breaks her arm and insists he’s the good guy.

Angstrom Levy Has Power Over Mark, So Long as He Keeps Him at a Distance

Angstrom Levy holding the beginnings of a green portal in his hands in the Invincible Season 2 finale | Agents of Fandom
Angstrom is smarter than to let Mark lay a finger on him. Image Credit: Prime Video.

Angstrom sends Mark to multiple realities, including possibly a Mad Max world, one where he fights a purple version of the villain Omnipotus (Ross Marquand), and one where he seemingly meets Batman. Mark finally gets the jump on Angstrom and brings him home where sees his mother is hurt and goes berserk. The two get into a vicious fight through a few dimensions and Angstrom reveals he also has powers and starts beating him. Mark tells him he has no idea what he’s been through and that he’s been holding back. He brutally beats Angstrom Levy and then musters the words “I thought you were stronger.”

Cecil arrives at the house to help Debbie, while Mark thinks himself a monster like his father for killing Angstrom and also realizes he’s stuck in another dimension with no way home. At the Viltrumite prison in space, General Kregg beats Nolan to a pulp and sends him back to his cell. Nolan walks out of his torture chamber and bumps into Allen the Alien (Seth Rogen) in the hall, who tells him they’ll talk soon.

The Guardians of the Globe arrive in Mark’s lost dimension, but they are much older. They reveal they are from a future where Mark left 20 years ago and never returned, but they have a time machine that can send him to the period he left. Just before Mark walks through the portal to home, the older Eve confesses her love to him and urges him to tell the young Eve he either loves her or doesn’t so she can move on with her life.

Cecil Offers Some Important Advice To Mark in ‘Invincible’ Season 2 Episode 8

Cecil standing over Mark holding his hand on his shoulder in the Invincible Season 2 finale | Agents of Fandom
Cecil is often a cold and calculated character, but there’s a center to him that offers some comfort when needed. Image Credit: Prime Video.

Mark gets home and goes to visit his mom in the hospital. Up on the roof, Cecil talks to him about what happened with Angstrom and reminds him that eliminating a threat doesn’t mean he’s turning into his father. At Guardians HQ, Rudy (Zachary Quinto) apologizes to Amanda (Grey DeLisle), and she finally accepts his help and is willing to go on another date with him. Cut to Immortal’s (Marquand) house in the snowy mountains, and he comes inside to find Dupli-Kate (Melise) is still alive.

She was secretly hiding her original copy since we’ve known her and planned to live out her life with a new identity, but couldn’t because of her love for him. Mark flies around the city and relives his life from the start of the series until now. Construction people are rebuilding Debbie’s house, and April (Calista Flockhart) drops Oliver (Lincoln Brown) off with her and Mark. The two sit out on the roof and talk about just how hard their lives have been of late.

Mark once again breaks down and fears he’s going to become his father after brutally murdering Angstrom. He goes to visit Eve (Gillian Jacobs) on top of a bridge to confess his feelings to her, but can’t bring himself to do it. In the Viltrumite prison, Nolan admits he no longer feels like a Viltrumite and drops one final, chilling line to close out the season, “I miss my wife.”

‘Invincible’ Season 3 Is Surely Heading in a Wild Direction

Eve and Mark standing face to face with her arms on his shoulders in Invincible | Agents of Fandom
Mark and Eve’s relationship has always been complicated, but if they lean into each other they can work through any problem. Image Credit: Prime Video.

Invincible Season 2 is one of the best pieces of comic book media ever. Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley have crafted a work of art on multiple levels and tapped the perfect voice cast to bring each of these complex characters to life. There is endless potential for stories in the Invincible universe thanks to the comic books, and things are just getting going in the inevitable war between Earth and Viltrum.

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'Invincible' Season 2 Finale Review

'Invincible' Season 2 Finale Review
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  • Brutal actions drives home the most poignant scenes.
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  • The series establishes extraordinarily high stakes while maintaining a person feel.

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