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Katarina Ziervogel Reveals Why ‘Echo’ Is a Big Deal for Indigenous Canadian Representation

Katarina Ziervogel is the perfect fit to play Taloa in ‘Echo’.

Since its release, Echo has been one of the hottest series on Disney+. It has been championed for its action, wonderful story, and representation. In particular, Echo features the Native American Choctaw Nation. However, Echo also includes an immense amount of Indigenous Canadian talent. The list includes Devery Jacobs, Graham Greene, Tantoo Cardinal, Cody Lightning, and Katarina Ziervogel, to name a few.

Agents of Fandom Editor-in-Chief TJ Zwarych was able to catch up with Ziervogel, who plays Taloa, the mother of Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) at the red-carpet premiere event for Echo in Toronto. The talented young actor is from the Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba, Canada. Katarina is also deaf, making the representation within the series extra special for her. She spoke about working with fellow legendary Indigenous Canadian actors as well as the amazing representation in Marvel Studios’ Echo on Disney+.

Katarina Ziervogel Has Been a Champion of Representation Throughout Her Career

Katarina Ziervogel at the ECHO premiere in Toronto | Agents of Fandom
Katarina Ziervogel stuns on the red carpet of the ImagineNative Canadian Premiere of Echo. Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Canada/George Pimentel Photography.

Katarina has been incredibly successful in the Canadian theater scene. She has always been passionate about accessibility, working to make things more inclusive in the film and television industry. It’s been important throughout her career to uplift those around her who are also deaf.

“This is a chance to incorporate both of these worlds into one. For Alaqua as well, she’s the same as me. It was great we both got to show both of these parts of ourselves, as indigenous and deaf. Not as two seperate stories, but as one great story. I can’t wait to see what we both do in the future.”

– Katarina Ziervogel on the deaf and indigenous representation in Marvel Studios’ Echo.

The power of representation can’t be understated, as people everywhere are often inspired by what they see on their screens. Echo knocks it out of the park in that regard, providing authentic, new, and powerful stories.

Katarina Ziervogel is One of Many Canadian Talents in Marvel’s ‘Echo’

Agents of Fandom Editor-in-Chief TJ Zwarych interviews Katarina Ziervogel at the ImagineNative red carpet premiere of Echo.

While both Katarina Ziervogel and Alaqua Cox are relatively new to Hollywood, Marvel Studios’ Casting Director Sarah Finn paired the two with some fellow Canadians and incredibly talented veterans of the industry. Tantoo Cardinal and Graham Greene are both legends in their own right while Cody Lightning and Devery Jacobs are both up-and-coming stars.

“It felt like such a special moment to work with them. They do so much to advocate and uplift Indigenous Canadian voices. I’m so happy I got the opportunity to work with them. I can’t wait to see what future opportunities will open for Indigenous Canadian talent and what this story inspires them to do.

– Katarina Ziervogel on her fellow Indigenous Canadian actors in Marvel Studios’ Echo.

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