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‘Succession’ Star Matthew Macfadyen Joins Talented Cast of ‘Deadpool 3’

Marvel taps ‘Succession’ star Matthew MacFadyen for ‘Deadpool 3’ alongside Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

Marvel fans rejoice! A new report from Deadline claims the talented and charismatic actor, Matthew Macfadyen, has joined the cast of Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3. He joins an already stacked ensemble consisting of Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Emma Corrin. This news comes two days after the premiere of the fourth and final season of Succession, which debuted on HBO Max to record numbers.

Marvel nabs a superstar in Matthew Macfadyen

Succession fans will instantly recognize and rejoice over this news. Matthew Macfadyen portrays Tom Wambsgans on the HBO original show, and has received endless praise along with an Emmy win in 2022 for his performance. Reynolds, Jackman, and Corrin could not ask for a better running mate.

Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans in Succession | Agents of Fandom
Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans in Succession. Image Credit: HBO Max.

Fans may also recognize MacFadyen as Mr. Darcy from the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice. For those that are unfamiliar with his work, take solace in knowing that Marvel has nabbed a bona fide star. Tom Wambsgans is simultaneously one of the funniest and most complex characters in television history.

The charisma Macfadyen brings to his role in Succession matches perfectly with the tone of Deadpool as a character. He evokes an awkward, yet hilarious energy into every single encounter with ease. Reynolds and Jackman have someone in Macfadyen that can go toe-to-toe with their humor, and more than hold his own during more serious encounters.

Matthew Macfadyen is a win for Marvel

While his role is currently unknown at this time, there’s no doubt Macfadyen will shine regardless. Given that he’s the fourth cast member to be officially announced, fans can only hope he’s in line for a large role. Whether it’s a more serious character, or someone you bring in to lighten the mood with some anxious humor, Matthew Macfadyen is an A+ addition to the cast of Deadpool 3.

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