Top Five Deadpool Team-Ups We Need In The MCU

We know Deadpool can chop it up with anyone, but there’s five people that stand out with hilarious potential.

The world was awestruck when Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to announce his return as Deadpool, along with the news that it would be a team-up movie featuring Wolverine. We’ve been waiting to see the bromance duo of Reynolds and Jackman on screen together, and on November 28th 2024, barring any setbacks, we’re going to get just that.

Although we know we’re getting Deadpool and Wolverine in the same movie, there are tons of rich potential cross-overs for the Merc With A Mouth just waiting to be tapped. Here are the top five Deadpool team ups we need to see in the MCU.

5. Thor

Top five Deadpool team up, Deadpool and Thor, chopping it up in Deadpool #1 | Agents of Fandom
Deadpool and Thor chopping it up in Deadpool (2012) #1 Written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn, Art by Geoff Darrow. Image Credit: Marvel Comics.

Riding in on Mjölnir on our top five team-up list is Thor. Chris Hemsworth is undeniably hilarious, and while mileage may vary on the humor in Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s unfair to pin the movie’s shortcomings on him. Thor: Ragnarok is the perfect example of comedy done right in the MCU. Thor spends time with aliens, a Valkyrie, and the Hulk in the film, and manages to infuse each scene with delightful humor.

Ryan Reynolds has electric chemistry alongside anyone with whom he shares the screen, but a crossover with Thor has the potential to be incredibly hilarious and heartfelt. I can already envision the montage of Deadpool trying to pick up the hammer in all kinds of hilarious ways. He has already interacted with one of Thor’s closest comrades, Korg, in the hilarious parody reaction video from 2021, and I’m sure Korg would be more than happy to introduce him to the God of Thunder.

4. Captain America (Sam Wilson)

Deadpool and Captain America (Sam Wilson) exchanging banter in Captain America Symbol of Truth #2 | Agents of Fandom
Deadpool and Captain America (Sam Wilson) exchange banter in Captain America Symbol of Truth (2022) #2 Written by Tochi Onyebuchi, Art by R.B. Silva. Image Credit: Marvel Comics.

What the hell are you doing here? You just got your legs chopped off yesterday!” I can already hear Anthony Mackie, utterly disturbed, witnessing a grown man like Wade Wilson strut into Avengers HQ on a pair of baby legs. Sam Wilson is sneakily one of the funnier characters in the MCU. He radiates an energy that is simultaneously charming and peeved.

He’s a natural at pulling laughter out of the audience. We also see him on the bickering side of things, striving for the last word with his partner and friend, Bucky Barnes. Sam Wilson’s Captain America and Deadpool would be an awesome team up for so many reasons. The fact they share a last name gives Deadpool an entire arsenal of married jokes to get under Sam’s skin, and that would be appointment viewing.

3. She-Hulk

Deadpool on the phone with She-Hulk in Who is... She-Hulk (2022) #1 | Agents of Fandom
Deadpool on the phone with She-Hulk in Who is… She-Hulk (2022) #1 Written by Rainbow Rowell, Art by Ig Guara and Ian Herring. Image Credit: Marvel Comics.

We’re almost halfway through our list, and surely you’re starting to notice the common theme here: these characters have to be funny. She-Hulk is not only hilarious in a very mature way, but she coined Deadpool’s ability to break the fourth wall. Yes, you read that right, She-Hulk was breaking the fourth wall long before Deadpool. This is the most obvious reason these two must share the screen together at some point during their MCU tenure, but their general chemistry would be electric. Can you imagine? The two of them arguing back and forth, constantly looking into the camera to see whose side we’re on? I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

She-Hulk is outrageously funny in her own right, but she also she pairs extremely well with other characters. That is the whole theme of her show, and it works perfectly. Before we move onto the next character, here’s a pitch for you: A two-to-three episode arc within a season of She-Hulk, where she’s tasked with representing Wade for committing ridiculous crimes that have absolutely no defense.

2. Daredevil

Deadpool and Daredevil talking mid-fight in Deadpool (2012) #11 | Agents of Fandom
Deadpool and Daredevil talking mid-fight in Deadpool (2012) #11, Written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, Art by Tony Moore. Image Credit: Marvel Comics.

The last two names on this list will come as a surprise to no one, but they are the top two choices by a considerable margin. Deadpool and Daredevil have an incredibly rich history, sharing over 15 issues together in the comics, so there’s endless source material to pull from. It’s well known at this point that Daredevil: Born Again will spotlight a much lighter tone than the original Netflix series, as She-Hulk features a version of Matthew Murdock that operates at the perfect tenor for the MCU.

The potential pool of jokes for Deadpool to tap into on Matt’s blindless alone is enough to get viewers excited about the prospect. “How can you see out of that thing?” “I can’t.” Cue the awkward glance into the camera, “Does he need to touch my face?” On top of all the gut-busting jokes and hand-to-hand combat potential, Ryan Reynolds and Charlie Cox sharing the screen would be a fan cam match made in heaven.

1. Spider-Man

Deadpool and Spider-Man sharing a moment in Spider-Man/Deadpool Monsters Unleashed (2017) #1 | Agents of Fandom
Deadpool and Spider-Man sharing a moment in Spider-Man/Deadpool Monsters Unleashed (2017) #1, Written by Joshua Corrin and David Walker, Art by Matthew Rosenberg. Image Credit: Mavel Comics.

Coming in as the top team up is the marvelous duo of Deadpool and Spider-Man. This is the obvious choice, but it’s the only acceptable number one option. These two are such a charismatic pair that I actually got distracted looking for a good image to use, because they have hundreds of comic panels that’ll leave you laughing until your ribs hurt. Spider-Man is Marvel Comics’ most popular character, and a team up with Deadpool in live action will sell like hot cakes, whether it be a series or movie.

The world is patiently awaiting news of when we’ll see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man again, and I think the only thing that could topple the hype of the Deadpool/Wolverine announcement would be a Deadpool/Spidey team up. “Don’t forget the hyphen!” shouts Deadpool at every stranger they cross paths with. He’d probably catch on to it so much he’d start using the hyphen himself. If Deadpool’s time in the MCU brings us only one of these pairings, it must be this one.

Endless potential team ups

It is a near impossible task to narrow down this list to just five characters, because Deadpool is going to light it up with whomever he shares the screen. However, the five we assembled in this list would undoubtedly be smash hits amongst the fan base. We’re less than two years away from the release of Deadpool 3, which will hopefully be the beginning of a long journey of glorious team ups for the Merc With A Mouth. Always remember one thing, “being a hero takes only a few moments doing the ugly stuff no one else will do.”

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