Ms. Marvel Death Coming in Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics shocks fans by killing a fan favorite in another character’s run.

In a shocking announcement, officially revealed by Entertainment Weekly, Marvel Comics will bring forth a Ms. Marvel death in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #26. Leading up to this announcement, Marvel has been calling it “the most shocking Spider-Man issue in 50 years.”

The current Amazing Spider-Man run has been criticized by fans globally. Its first issue made Mary Jane Watson the mother of two children (who are not her and Peter’s), and saddled her in a relationship with a man named Paul. Peter had to constantly come to terms with MJ’s decision throughout this run. In issue #25, MJ is the target of a sacrifice—setting her up as the upcoming death.

Because of this, many suspected that Mary Jane Watson would be the one to die, as it has been nearly 50 years to the day since The Night that Gwen Stacy Died released. There have even been cover homages to Gwen Stacy’s most infamous night leading up to this issue. It would seem poetic for another of Spider-Man’s love interests to die on the anniversary.

However, to the surprise of many, Kamala Khan is revealed to be the victim.

Why kill Kamala Khan?

Entertainment Weekly Exclusive spoiler cover of Amazing Spider-Man #26 that shows a Ms. Marvel death | Agents of Fandom
Entertainment Weekly exclusive spoiler cover of Amazing Spider-Man #26. Image Credit: John Romita Jr.

Kamala Khan made her first appearance in Captain Marvel #14 (2013) and later became a star in G. Willow Wilson’s Ms. Marvel (2014) run. Since then, Kamala has been center stage, becoming an Avenger and a Champion. Kamala recently made appearances in the current run of Amazing Spider-Man as an intern for Norman Osborn.

In 2022, Marvel Studios released the Ms. Marvel series on Disney+, which was met with high praise. The show changes her power set by giving her bangles that unlock cosmic energy. The series finale reveals that Kamala may have mutated DNA—making her one of the MCU’s first mutants.

In the comics, Kamala has always been an Inhuman with her morphogenetic powers. Many have wondered if Kamala’s comic powers, or Inhuman nature, would change to reflect that of the MCU. With this announcement, fans are beginning to speculate that Kamala may be revived—but as a mutant, making her comic and MCU counterparts the same.

This announcement came with a strange timeline of events. Initially leaked online, Marvel’s official Twitter account put out spoiler warnings. Two hours later, Entertainment Weekly posted their exclusive story officially revealing the death of Ms. Marvel. The issue releases Wednesday, May 31.

Fans across the globe are visibly upset with this news and how it was handled:

Can’t believe their eyes
Fridging on a grand scale
A different option

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