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Succession Episode 3 “Connor’s Wedding”: A Family in Disarray

We say goodbye to a series favorite in ‘Succession’ episode 3 “Connor’s Wedding”.

Succession wedding episodes have a reputation for being some of the most iconic in the series, but no one could’ve possibly seen this coming. Succession episode 3 “Connor’s Wedding” takes a massive swing, knocks it out of the park, and is instantly one of the most brilliant television episodes ever because of it.

We sit down to watch the hijinks of Connor‘s (Alan Ruck) wedding, and every expectation is turned on it’s head, thrown out the window, and run over by a bus.

*Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Succession episode 3 “Connor’s Wedding”

They pulled off the unthinkable in Succession episode 3

It cannot be overstated how shocked the collective Succession fandom is right now. The man who has been at the forefront of this entire show and infamous family for almost five years is gone. Succession episode 3 marks the end of Logan Roy (Brian Cox).

Logan Roy and Tom Wambsgans in Succession episode 3 | Agents of Fandom
Logan Roy and Tom Wambsgans in Succession episode 3. Image Credit: HBO Max.

As a fan of the show with a serious attachment to these characters, this is devastating. As a fan of good television, I could not be more satisfied. Everyone expected this to come at the end of the season. This is what we’ve been building towards all along, something happens to Logan at the end, and someone else steps in to take over.

This is not an easy thing to pull off. There’s a world where you kill off Logan Roy with seven episodes remaining in the season and things go poorly. But as soon as you start to realize what’s happening, the tension begins to rise, and it doesn’t cease until the credits roll. When you start asking yourself, “Are we really doing this now?!” you’re trapped in an hour-long emotional roller coaster.

Showrunner, Jesse Armstrong, and several cast members talk about analyzing and crafting the type of “loss from a distance” in the Inside the Episode segment. So often nowadays, when you lose someone, you don’t get a chance to say goodbye. You’re left feeling helpless, clinging to phone calls and desperate for any kind of communication, but you’re inevitably vulnerable.

A grieving family in Succession episode 3

Everyone’s response to the chaos unfolding around them elevates an already generational episode. Each one of Logan’s children are going in and out of different stages of grief, anger, and sadness. The only real crime is that we don’t have Emmys to give everyone.

Hugo, Roman Kendall, and Shiv in Succession episode 3 | Agents of Fandom
Hugo, Roman, Kendall, and Shiv in Succession episode 3. Image Credit: HBO Max.

The performances in this episode across the board are some of the best ever captured on screen, and it’s shot in such a way that doesn’t allow the characters to breath, which compounds the sense of grief.

Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) plays this leader-esque role amongst his siblings, but you can tell he’s fighting back tears. He manages to keep a fairly level head, turning his focus to business at the end to ensure their survival going forward, but he can’t hold it back forever. Pain and anguish seep through his cracking voice with every line.

Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) has nothing left to give outside of shock and despair. She spends the majority of the episode crying, but does a fantastic job keeping her composure to deliver a public statement announcing her fathers’ death. Cameras flash in her face, but as soon as she steps out of their view she falls straight back into the pit of depression

Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) brings a much different performance to the table than his sibling counterparts. He’s spends most of the episode in complete denial, incapable of believing his father is gone. His parting gift to Logan is a voicemail calling his father out on all his bulls***, which is something he’s immediately unable to forgive himself for. Kieran Culkin deserves all the flowers coming his way for his performance here, because he stands out in a crowd of A+ execution.

What does this mean for the succession?

The big question we leave with is the same one we’ve had through two episodes: “Who’s next in line?”. Many fans thought Logan Roy would pick his successor at the end of this season, but now that we can safely discard that theory, who are our remaining options?

Kendall and Shiv in Succession episode 3 | Agents of Fandom
Kendall and Shiv in Succession episode 3. Image Credit: HBO Max.

First up on this week’s take-over power rankings is the Disgusting Brothers, Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) and Greg Hirsch (Nicholas Braun). These two have been working closely together for years, and have shown there’s no back alley dark enough they won’t trudge through just to make their way up a peg. It could just be one or the other, but with the undeniable chemistry they share, a potential joint monarchy is much more fun.

Next up is one of the children, who each have a fairly solid case as it stands. Kendall has the most experience by far, and is actually qualified to run a business of this stature. Shiv is likeable, but also a killer who will mow over anyone in her way when she sets her eyes on something. Roman was Logan’s favorite, which is sure to carry some weight going forward, given the multitude of the last name Roy. He can play the “Dad would’ve wanted me” card, and people will believe him.

Last on the list is Gerri Kellman (J. Smith-Cameron). Logan’s last active command was to fire her, but the reasons are a little wacky. Gerri has run the business from a multitude of different levels, going all the way up to the top. She could be poised to take over the media tycoon, leaving everyone in the dust and ushering in a new era for Waystar Royco.

Succession episode 3 is an all-time classic

Gerri and Roman in Succession episode 3 | Agents of Fandom
Gerri and Roman in Succession episode 3. Image Credit: HBO Max.

The fact that an episode titled “Connor’s Wedding” features maybe 5–10 minutes of actual wedding stuff and comes out to such a great episode is a testament to the creative genius behind this show. This is a huge curveball that no one saw coming, and they capture the emotion of losing someone at a distance perfectly.

On top of all the unthinkable feats this episode accomplishes, we’re also set for an infinitely more entertaining run to the finish line with Logan Roy out of the picture. Strap in, folks, and let the brilliance coming over the next seven weeks just wash over you.

Succession episode 3 is now streaming exclusively on HBO Max. Follow the Agents of Fandom on socials for all the latest Succession news.

'Succession' Episode 3 Review

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