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Ted Lasso Episode 5 “Signs”: Belief Comes From The Heart

Without Zava, how will Richmond fare?

Ted Lasso episode 5 continues the trend of season three tugging on our heartstrings and playing with our emotions. The episode begins with our beloved AFC Richmond in turmoil and ends with one of Coach Lasso’s most inspirational speeches yet. Ted Lasso episode 5 forces the entire club to confront some of their most difficult challenges yet. However, it’s always darkest before dawn.

*Warning: This post contains spoilers for Ted Lasso episode five, “Signs”*

Easy come, Zava go in Ted Lasso episode 5

AFC Richmond Learns of Zava's Retirement in Ted Lasso episode 5 "Signs" | Agents of Fandom
AFC Richmond learns of Zava’s retirement in Ted Lasso episode 5 “Signs.” Image Credit: Apple TV+.

Ted Lasso episode 5 finds the entire cast in shambles. Since their loss to rival West Ham United, nothing has gone right for AFC Richmond. Fresh off adding another defeat to their losing streak, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) storms into Coach Lasso’s office to give him an earful about the loss. Anxiety has been a theme throughout the three seasons of Ted Lasso, and there was something in particular about this interaction that stuck with me.

Ted describes their current state of affairs as a ship in a storm that they’ll be turning around to the North Star. Unfortunately, none of the coaches, nor Rebecca, is able to accurately determine which direction is North. This is a lot like anxiety. Often, there’s a root cause (or many) for our anxieties.

Sometimes, we don’t live up to our own expectations, or the expectations of others. Maybe, our attention is divided, and although there’s a situation that needs our love and support, our mind is halfway around the world. Regardless, when you’re on a ship and a storm surrounds you, there’s no turning back.

Whether you continue on through the storm or retreat back through it, the storm remains. All you can do is try your best and keep going. Especially for those of us with diagnosed mental health disorders, this often mirrors the struggle. Unfortunately, sometimes our brains create a storm that causes us to want to give up and shut down. However, all we can do is keep going.

AFC Richmond now finds themselves having to weather its most difficult storm yet. Their former savior Zava (Maximilian Osinki) has elected to retire from Football in the middle of the season. Despite their losing streak and the loss of the team’s star player, the season continues. They must keep going.

Bullies, psychics, and sexy friends

Keeley Jones (Juno Temple) in Ted Lasso episode 5 "Signs" | Agents of Fandom
Keeley Jones (Juno Temple) in Ted Lasso episode 5 “Signs.” Image Credit: Apple TV+.

The beauty of a show like Ted Lasso is that no matter how goofy the series gets, the emotional arcs are hard-hitting and relatable. Ted finds his attention divided between the football club and his family back home. To make things more difficult, Ted’s trauma from losing his father and never wanting to quit something before it’s finished has thrust his anxiety front and center.

Thankfully, the skills he learned in therapy in past seasons allowed him to maintain his composure upon learning his son bullies another child at school. Although Henry Lasso (Gus Turner) apologizes for his behavior, I fear there may be more to Ted’s parenting journey with this situation than meets the eye.

Although this episode has moments of foreshadowing Roy’s emotions, Jamie’s (Phil Dunster) continued redemption arc and a Trent Crimm (James Lance) side story, the main focus outside of Ted is on Rebecca and Keeley (Juno Temple). While Keeley struggles to navigate her new professional endeavors, Rebecca searches for signs to navigate her life.

The club may be struggling, however, similarly to Ted, it’s evident Rebecca’s attention is focused elsewhere. With signs constantly pointing to her psychic being legitimate, the owner decides it’s time to visit a fertility clinic.

Although her relationship struggles have been a thematic backbone of the plot throughout three seasons, Rebecca’s growth and introspection have led to the revelation that she wants to have a child. Unfortunately, after a visit with the doctor who has far more interest in chatting about AFC Richmond than Rebecca’s well-being, we are left to read her reaction to a phone call of what can only be assumed is not-so-great news.

Speaking of relationships gone wrong, Keeley also finds herself struggling, both with Roy breaking up with her and her new career not going as smoothly as planned. Trying to distract herself from her personal life, Keeley’s focus on work forces her to confront the difficult truth that hiring her friend Shandy (Ambreen Razia) was a mistake that is hurting the company. Although I was hoping the writing would allow for a Shandy glow-up and maturity arc, Keeley shows massive growth in making a decision that is right for her, regardless of her history with her friend.

Despite having to fire her Shandy and having lamb turds dropped all over her office as payback, things aren’t all bad for Keeley Jones. After serious sexual tension throughout the episode and a few swigs of vodka, Keeley and her boss Jack Danvers (Jodi Balfour) end their hang-out with a steamy make out session. Although we’re all rooting for Keeley and Roy, there’s no denying the chemistry these women share. Additionally, this gives Roy a chance to potentially explore things with a certain grade school teacher.

Things also look up romantically for Nate (Nick Mohammed) in Ted Lasso episode 5. Although his date with Anastasia goes sour, his confidence rises, and he becomes more comfortable in his own skin; good things are beginning to happen for the Wonder Kid. His long-time crush Jade finally recognizes Nate’s change in energy, sending the West Ham manager to cloud nine. While it’s a treat to see Nate become the man we always knew he could be, time will tell if he can carry on this confident, positive attitude when he faces adversity.

Ted Lasso episode 5 finds its North Star

Ted (Jason Sudeikis) looking hopeful in Ted Lasso episode 5 "Signs" | Agents of Fandom
Ted (Jason Sudeikis) looking hopeful in Ted Lasso episode 5 “Signs.” Image Credit: Apple TV+.

Although AFC Richmond may have no idea which way is North, Ted manages to right the ship nonetheless upon the episode’s conclusion. Jason Sudeikis delivers one of his most passionate and emotional monologues of the entire series. Despite all the signs telling the team to give up, those words not in Coach Lasso’s DNA. With the team’s “Believe” sign torn to pieces, their star player retired, and each individual fighting their own personal battles, they must go on, they must believe.

Ted Lasso episode 5 is a lesson in resilience. The only things in life we can control are our reactions to what the universe throws at us. With each character navigating their personal and career struggles, this episode reminds us to lean on our loved ones, trust ourselves, and believe in a better tomorrow.

Whether in the workplace or on the football pitch, no individual stands above the good of the team. The final moments portraying Jamie and Roy’s motivation to get back to work perfectly foreshadows not only AFC Richmond’s redemption, but the thrilling journey on which we’re embarking for the rest of the season.

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'Ted Lasso' Episode 5 "Signs" Review

'Ted Lasso' Episode 5 "Signs" Review
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The Good

  • Hilarious as always
  • Relatable emotional arcs
  • Perfect balance of foreshadowing future events while tying up previous stories

The Bad

  • Acknowledging your own traumas and areas for growth is difficult
  • There's none really this show is amazing
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